Rock Hash – Want to Mine FIL When Bitcoin Mining Is Getting Too Crowded?

With the in-depth development of industries such as big data, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things, the amount of global data generated has grown rapidly. According to statistics from the authoritative organization Statista, the amount of global data generated in 2020 will reach 50.5 ZB, a year-on-year increase of 23%. It is predicted that by 2025, the amount of global data will increase to 163 ZB, with a compound annual growth rate of 30%. Data storage will usher in a period of strategic opportunity. As a distributed, decentralized, global network that can permanently store data, IPFS has been widely recognized and respected.

What is IPFS?

IPFS Interplanetary File System is a content-addressable point-to-point hyper-protocol, which aims to replace the traditional Internet protocol HTTP and create an open network transmission protocol for distributed storage and sharing of files. IPFS is a decentralized storage revolution. Compared with traditional centralized storage, IPFS has a safer and more efficient storage method. For example, traditional centralized servers will be attacked, resulting in damage to server data. But IPFS is different. After users upload data, they will cut the data into many pieces and upload them to different nodes. Even if a single node is attacked, other nodes will still save your data.

IPFS overcomes most of the weaknesses of data storage technologies such as centralized databases in the past, especially providing data security brought by distributed nodes of the blockchain, and data producers’ self-control of data, so IPFS is called “eternal The file system that does not disappear”. IPFS can be said to be the leader of mainstream distributed storage technology.

What is Filecoin?

The IPFS network has huge data storage requirements. It requires a lot of nodes and distributed storage space. It needs hard disks distributed around the world to join the work. If there is no incentive mechanism, why should we buy hard disks for IPFS network sharing? So IPFS designed a set of rules to encourage users to store on the Filecoin protocol, and issued a token: FIL.

As long as you help the IPFS network to store files, you can get FIL. This is the source of motivation for us to store files in our own homes. The FIL obtained is valuable because in this storage process, FIL is combined with the real economy. Users need to pay FIL to store files, and miners help users store files to get FIL. FIL tokens can be circulated in the Filecoin market, and there is a supply demand.

You can think of Filecoin as a rental system where developers or users rent long-term file storage from the Filecoin blockchain and store their data for a fee. Storage providers provide storage services for these developers and users to use to store their IPFS data on the chain to ensure that the data persists forever to achieve transactions.

Rock Hash Filecoin product advantages

Filecoin mining is mainly a process of obtaining FIL coins by contributing their own storage space. The filecoin miner is a high-performance enterprise-level server, including GPU, CPU, etc., as well as computing-type servers, storage-type servers, and node-type servers. However, filecoin mining has relatively high technical requirements. The mining machine needs to be hosted in the corresponding national IDC computer room. It needs to be operated under the conditions of 24 hours of uninterrupted power, uninterrupted internet, dust-free, constant humidity and constant temperature. There are a lot of cabinets in the IDC computer room, and there are many servers stored in the cabinets, and each server performs its own duties and produces computing power together. The greater the effective computing power, the more FIL coins will be produced.

As a cloud computing platform established in 2017, Rock Hash has abundant supply chain resources, allowing each T of computing power to map physical mining machines, which ensures the authenticity and stability of mining.

Mining machine resources: Rock Hash has signed long-term cooperation agreements with many large mining machine manufacturers to ensure a stable supply of mining machines.

Mine resources: Rock Hash has an in-depth layout of global mines, and has invested in the operation and construction of 7 large-scale mines, with tens of thousands of mining machines. The mines are deployed in Canada, the United States, Norway, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Japan, etc. It is committed to providing a full range of computing power trading services for global users. Rock Hash’s global mine layout is conducive to diversifying risks and ensuring a stable supply of electricity.

Mine operation and maintenance: Rock Hash has more than 5 years of mine operation and maintenance experience. The online rate, the number of mining machines compliance rate, and the online computing power compliance rate are all leading the industry’s custody service standards.

Filecoin product 1: IPFS independent server-1T (exclusive version)

Product advantages:

Free packaging, exclusive output

  • Self-set GAS threshold
  • Ultra-short output arrival: T+1
  • Ultra-low management fee: 20%
  • The effective space ratio is 100%

Filecoin product 2: IPFS shared server-1T (full deposit version)

Product advantages:

The platform bears the pledge currency and GSA fees, and the expired pledge currency belongs to the customer

  • Super cost-effective
  • Ultra-short output arrival: T+1
  • Ultra-low management fee: 20%
  • The effective space ratio is 100%

Filecoin product 3: IPFS joint server-1T

Product advantages:

Lower barriers to entry, higher capital utilization

  • Participate in IPFS at zero cost
  • Ultra-short output arrival: T+1
  • Ultra-low management fee: 40%
  • The effective space ratio is 100%

About Rock Hash

Rock Hash is the world’s leading computing power trading platform. Headquartered in Singapore, it has operated safely and stably for 3 years. With excellent capital strength, solid technical support and abundant supply chain resources, it provides one-stop comprehensive mining services for hundreds of thousands of users around the world to meet the diversified needs of users.Rock Hash has a strong presence in global mines, investing, operating and constructing 7 large mines and tens of thousands of mining machines. The mines cover Canada, USA, Norway, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Japan and other places. It is committed to providing all-round computing power trading services for users all over the world.

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