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Roborock Announces First Place Sales Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Roborock , a global leader in ultra-smart home robotics designed to simplify everyday life, today announced that it has taken first place in robot vacuum sales worldwide, according to new data from Euromonitor. 

TakeAway Points:

  • Roborock announced its first place in robot vacuum sales worldwide.
  • Roborock is now present in more than 170 countries, serving more than 15 million homes worldwide.
  • Roborock has also unveiled three exciting new product lines that add to its portfolio of intelligent automated devices: the G20S (S8 MaxV Ultra), the V20, and the P10S Pro.

Roborock Announces Achievement

Celebrating its achievements at a global launch event on the eve of its 10th anniversary, the brand also revealed a glimpse of what’s to come in the form of new product lines while sharing its vision for the future.

Founded in 2014, Roborock owes its success to its long-standing commitment to customer-centric innovation. By offering important solutions that improve everyday life, Roborock has won over the global audience, and data from Euromonitor confirms that the brand has become the world’s number 1 seller of robot vacuum cleaners .

“We are very honored to celebrate this achievement with all of you. It was made possible by the continued trust and support we have received over the past 10 years. Our path to success has been a marathon, not a sprint, because we have always kept in mind our brand ethos of “having a long-term vision to do the right thing.” It is through our unwavering commitment to delivering true value to our customers that we have created the brand affinity that has allowed us to get to where we are today: well on our way to becoming a global leader in the field of smart home.”  said Mr. Quan, President of Roborock.

Roborock Steps to Success 

Consolidating its global success, the brand also revealed impressive results in several of its key markets. Roborock is now present in more than 170 countries, serving more than 15 million homes worldwide. According to IDC data, Roborock ranks number one in Turkey and number two in the United States in terms of sales, and it also ranks first in Germany, Korea, and the Nordic countries in terms of shipments in 2023 . As Roborock’s latest financial report revealed, the brand recorded a total revenue of 8.65 billion yuan ($1.22 billion) last year, with more than 2.6 million Robot vacuum units shipped in total. Roborock’s overseas business recorded growth of 21.42% year-on-year, and Roborock’s net profit reached 2.05 billion yuan ($288 million), a rate of global annual growth of 73.32%. This consistent growth across all key markets demonstrates that Roborock’s strategic choice to respond directly to consumer demands and strive for user experience excellence resonates with millions of people around the world.

Despite these successes, Quan acknowledged that these results themselves were not the end goal. Globalization is an essential pillar of Roborock’s mission to become a leader in its field. With this in mind, Roborock plans to expand its global footprint by introducing more innovative products that meet the unique needs of global users, taking into account the different requirements of various markets, and establishing more partnerships around the world, thereby ensuring Roborock’s progress overseas on a larger scale and at a faster pace.

Roborock’s Innovation 

Roborock’s passion for creating value for its consumers drives it to continually seek new technological advancements that can solve real consumer pain points. Between 2019 and 2023, Roborock invested 1.9 billion yuan ($260 million) in research and development. Roborock’s approach of taking a long-term view ensures that R&D teams are encouraged not to look for quick fixes, but to focus on innovation that will truly address needs. of the end consumer, notably by addressing key areas such as cleaning capabilities, mapping and navigation, comfort and interconnectivity with the smart home.

To enhance the cleaning capabilities of its latest lineup, Roborock has launched the FlexiArm Design Side Brush, an extendable side brush that provides 100% corner cleaning coverage, improving user experience. When it comes to user satisfaction, providing a hands-free experience that requires little maintenance is also paramount. Roborock recently introduced an automatic water filling and draining system, which automatically empties and replaces dirty water with clean water through the hoses during mop washing and reservoir filling.

In addition to advanced hardware solutions, Roborock has always invested heavily in the discovery and implementation of emerging technologies capable of improving the functionality and accessibility of its devices. Roborock’s Reactive AI 2.0 obstacle recognition technology can recognize and differentiate between floor and room types, accurately identifying 73 different obstacles to overcome, including floor mirrors and pet items. Roborock’s SmartPlan TM feature uses an advanced AI algorithm to intelligently plan and optimize cleaning paths and parameters based on user habits and specific home layouts, making the cleaning process even smoother, more intelligent and efficient. The S8 MaxV Ultra is now CSA certified for Matter, and other Roborock products will soon follow to improve connectivity.

Product Portfolio

Concluding this exciting launch, Roborock has unveiled three exciting new product lines that add to its portfolio of intelligent automated devices. Roborock product managers took the stage to introduce three new robot vacuum cleaners: the G20S (S8 MaxV Ultra), the V20, and the P10S Pro.

The  G20S (S8 MaxV Ultra)  was launched to great success at CES 2024; it’s Roborock’s most advanced all-in-one cleaning solution to date. A highly intuitive device, the G20S features the FlexiArm Design side brush, a unique robotic arm for cleaning corners and an additional side mop for edge cleaning, as well as Reactive obstacle recognition AI 2.0, a built-in intelligent voice assistant, and RockDock® Ultra that automatically cares for the robot using hot water and heated air, with intelligent re-washing and re-mopping capabilities. The G20S (S8 MaxV Ultra) will be available for purchase worldwide starting in April, with a retail price of USD 1,799.99 / EUR 1,499.

First introduced in China, the V20 will be the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a dual-vision 3DToF solid-state LiDAR navigation and obstacle avoidance system, which observes modulated light reflection to offer better depth accuracy for even more intuitive soil mapping. With an ultra-slim 8.2 cm body and equipped with the FlexiArm Design TM corner and edge cleaning system , DuoRoller Riser brush and maintenance-free cleaning station, the V20 is set to redefine automated cleaning with little maintenance.

Finally, the P10S Pro is positioned as the ideal partner for hard-to-reach places. Combining FlexiArm Design TM with an extendable side brush and mop, the device covers 100% of corners and cleans edges perfectly, even on the most delicate surfaces.


Roborock  is committed to innovation in the research, development and production of household cleaning appliances, especially robots, cordless vacuum cleaners and wet/dry vacuum cleaners. Every Roborock product was designed to solve real-world problems, so Roborock customers can lead better lives. Currently, Roborock is available in over 40 countries, including the United States, Germany, France, and Spain. The company operates from four locations, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai , Shenzhen and Hong Kong . 


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