RoBET is RoboAdvisorCoin’s platform entirely focused on the betting and cryptocurrencies universe.

RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC), the first Robo-Advisor dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, has officially opened its second Initial Coin Offering (ICO), called RoBET, and published its detailed White Paper on its new website:

RoBET is the last exciting product of RoboAdvisorCoin (RAC), as well as the first platform natively based on the Ethereum blockchain, and designed to create an innovative ‘Betting Exchange’ able to enhance the use of smart contracts and blockchain to facilitate the birth and growth of a professional, transparent, and sustainable ecosystem of sports betting. In RoBET, the players can choose to bet using the RAC tokens or others digital currencies.

RoBET and RoboAdvisorCoin are brands under Bookiedom LTD (the “company”), founded by the serial tech and ICT entrepreneur Edoardo Narduzzi.

The platform is also integrated with an Artificial Intelligence engine designed to support the needs of players and bookmakers.

The system elaborates odds and forecasts on a daily basis using its predictive tools (RoboAdvisorCoin AI platform) based on both a large database of odds and bets obtained from the main international bookmakers and the information generated by the platform itself – even at the level of each mini digital agency -, as if it were a real right node of a decentralized ecosystem.

Finally, RoBET is also a digital multi-crypto wallet able to guarantee the management of the entire betting process using digital currencies. As a unique and innovative feature, RoBET also offers the possibility to exchange, passing through one or more sports bets, one cryptocurrency into another at a very low transaction fee.

RAC tokens owners will have access to all robo services provided by the RoBET as well as by the RoboAdvisorCoin platform. The number of RAC tokens needed to access any given service will stay fixed for a period of four years and will include any service that company will launch or create during the same period. We designed a great deal of new services, which will be released to the public at the end of the ICO:

  1. robot betting advices;
  2. custom advices based on user-defined objectives;
  3. custom advices based on user-specified preferences and suggestions;
  4. statistical analysis;
  5. gaming services whereby a player can beat the RoBot AI;
  6. new Betting exchange services whereby each player can create a custom sportsbook and became a bookmaker;
  7. participation in other sportsbooks;
  8. propose new odds and new kind of bets; and
  9. also, at least, two new skill games based on sport events in which users can use RAC tokens, or other cryptocurrencies, to play against each other.

With this ICO, the company mainly aims to finalize and improve the services offered by its products. All the RAC platform services will be exclusively available in exchange for RAC tokens. Upon completion of the ICO, only RAC token holders will be able to access our products and services in exchange for RAC tokens.

The RoBET project aims at recreating a complete gambling environment, in which all the functions needed to manage a digital betting experience are enabled and supported by cryptocurrencies. In other words, we propose an original platform, which is able to manage the complexity of end-to-end gambling by implementing on the blockchain all the following processes:

  • Opening a game account;
  • The establishment of guarantees or deposits;
  • The possibility of being able to play in partnership with other players;
  • Certification of winnings and prizes won;
  • The certification of any relevant data for the purposes of the game;
  • The generation of custom odds.

To summarize, RoBET is a new platform, in which the players can ask the Robot for the best forecasts about sports results and simultaneously represents a new betting environment, whereby transparency and trust is guaranteed by the blockchain. A game universe, which rotates around the use of cryptocurrencies, based on the interaction between big data analysis, machine learning for forecasting, and the blockchain.

RoBET counts on a wide, experienced and outstanding team of international professionals guaranteeing the best evolution of the technological project.

RoBET launched a bounty program, which allows users to earn RAC tokens by participating in several activities. From April 3 until May 21, interested people can join the program.

The ICO will officially begin on April 20 and will end on May 21, 2018 at 3:00 pm GMT. The company generated 4,000,000 RACs and the 60% of total RAC tokens (3,200,000 RAC) will be offered during the token sale in accordance with the following scheme of distribution:

  • 60% of the total RAC token for public ICO contributors
  • 20% reserved for Pre-ICO and offline Pre-Sale
  • 10% of the total RAC token reserved for the team, advisors and partners;
  • 9.5% of the total RAC token reserved for the RoBET platform.
  • 0.5% reserved for bounty campaign and airdrop

The Company commits to hold at least 90% of the team and platform retained RAC Tokens for the next 12 months. The company is committed to implement its strategy in the best interest of its shareholders and RAC Token holders.

  • Maximum financing: 30,000 ETH (Hard Cap)
  • Minimum financing: 3,000 ETH (Soft Cap)
  • Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 50 RAC Tokens.
  • Pre-Sale date: February 1, 2018
  • Launch date ICO: April 20, 2018
  • End date ICO: May 21, 2018
  • Token launch completion: Token launch will end when either the maximum number of ETH is raised or the deadline is reached, whichever is the earlier.

In the eventuality that the First Cap is not met, all subscribed ETH will be returned to each respective contributor.

All information relating to the ICO, including the relevant White Paper, are currently available on the abovementioned dedicated website.

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