RoBet: Crypto Sports Betting and Cryptocurrency Exchange.

RoBet is a cryptocurrency sports betting and exchange platform. It is a decentralized platform that operates on blockchain and uses the smart hash time-locked contracts and artificial intelligence in handling bet evaluation and odds comparison. This has been helpful to its customers in reducing the risk of loss. Since from commencement of the platform,  RoBet has been able to raise about 1198 Ethereum which is a commendable feat for a crypto platform just starting up.

RAC Token

As a blockchain based platform, RoBet seeks to bring to its customers such an unusual digital betting experience characterized by transparency and security of wallet. RoBet platform uses the RAC token to effect transactions on the platform, and will soon be listing the RAC token on cryptocurrency exchanges. Purchasing a RAC token allows you create your personal wallet, and let’s you have 20% of the profits made by the RoBet platform every quarter of the year. With the introduction of the RAC token, holders can have access to all the services offered on RoBet platform. However there is a limited supply of these tokens, which is why you should go all out to get yours while it is still available. ICO closes on the 21st of May, 2018.

RoBet Makes Betting A Lot Easier

RoBet platform is the solution for bet stakers across the globe. Looking for where to suffer less risk and make more profit? RoBet platform will give such betting experience as you have not found anywhere else. RoBet platform helps you in analysing bets and what possible return you should expect. It also helps in analysing the probability of risk to be suffered. Most importantly, Robet helps you come up with possible odd combinations for upcoming matches.

Robet’s Vision

With the FIFA 2018 World Cup just somewhere around the corner, RoBet is working at expanding it’s platform structure. By so doing, it will be introducing more and more betting options and services, all of which can be accessed with the RAC tokens.

RoBet is also looking to come up with an innovation called the ‘sportsbook’. With this innovation, users are allowed the opportunity of accepting bets from other users in exchange for cryptocurrencies. If this is successfully implemented, RoBet will be the first platform to introduce such structure, and this clearly denotes a bright future for RoBet.

RoBet’s Team of Experts

RoBet platform is made up of a team who are technologically versed in their field of operation. Among these experts include:

Edoardo Narduzzi who is the brain behind RoBet. He is the CEO and Founder.

Alessandro Lentini who is the CTO and Co-founder.

Mike Hollings who is the Investment Consultant.

Serge Grigorian who is the Middle East Area Manager.

Marco Querini who is a renowned blockchain specialist

Andrea Bianchini who is in charge of Web Solution.

RoBet is not just a globally recognized betting platform that provides a convenient gaming experience alongside better betting analysis, It also serves as a cryptocurrency wallet that allows for the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies through placing of bets.

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