Robert Richard Wickboldt III Builds a Successful Career in Finance and Investment Industry

Robert Richard Wickboldt III Builds a Successful Career in Finance and Investment Industry

The investment and financial services industry continues to be a very important one as professionals in this field provide advice and guidance that can allow others to achieve their long-term financial goals. One individual who has had a long and successful career in this field is Robert Richard Wickboldt III, who today is well known for being the head of Essex Investments. He received a great education and plenty of professional experience to reach this position. 

Strong Education Provides Fundamental Background for Career

The professional success of Wickboldt started with his early life and education. He was born and raised in a military family, which resulted in him moving around quite a bit throughout his life. Much of this time was spent living on or near military bases on the East Coast. Following high school, he moved on to Columbia University, where he learned much more about economics and investments.

Beginning of Career and Interests in Investments

While still in school and early on in his career, Robert Wickboldt III quickly developed a strong interest in investing and financial planning. He always enjoyed reading about stocks and investment strategies and even began day trading on his own. He developed various strategies for investing that have allowed him to capitalize on changes in the market and trends that he sees.

On the side, he continues to seek alternative investments. One asset class that he has focused on is real estate, which is intriguing due to the fact that it can provide cash flow, value appreciation, and tax benefits. He routinely looks for unique opportunities that can add to his portfolio.

Establishment of Essex Investments

After building up his own personal portfolio through years of investing, Wickboldt decided to open up his own investment shop, Essex Investments. The company, which is registered in Reno, NV, uses alternative investment strategies to gain a higher return on investment. He continues to be the licensed managing member of the company. 

Interests Outside of Work

When Robert Wickboldt III is not running his investment company, he loves to go to live music performances, travel, go to the movies, and head to the local theater. He has also continued to support various local charities in the Houston area, including giving back to museums, the botanical gardens, and other organizations of interest.

Throughout his career, Wickboldt has continued to develop a strong intuition and interest in investments. This includes investing in the stock and bond markets and investing in real estate. He will continue to run Essex Investments while also looking for ways to give back to the community around him.

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