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Robert Mafes Shares His Thoughts on Key Basketball Skills and Techniques

Robert Mafes

Basketball is a fascinating sport that attracts millions of fans worldwide. Teams face each other in a battle of speed, stamina, and athleticism. Scoring more points than the other team wins the game. Players can help their teams outplay opponents by showcasing skills like dribbling, rebounding, defense, and shooting. 

Robert Mafes, the owner of Global Cooling, LLC and a basketball fan, says jumping ability is an important skill that helps players thrive. A player can struggle to play defensive or rebounding roles without jumping ability. On the other hand, speed also enables a player to outmaneuver opponents and get into scoring positions or provide adequate cover when defending the hoop.

The good thing about playing basketball is that coaches and other technical team members teach key basketball techniques and skills. Training and practice are vital to developing and polishing these skills. 

Basketball basics

Here are the main skills listed by Robert Mafes.


Top players in the NBA invest a lot of time and energy in developing their shooting skills. Doing so makes it easier to enhance overall performance at the highest level. When players aim for the hoop and score, they score points directly. Impeccable shooting skills can help a basketball player make a huge difference in their team’s performance.

Teams are willing to spend a fortune to sign a talented player capable of shooting and other skills. The shots come in three variants: mid-range, layup, and three-pointer. Precision is vital when developing this skill, particularly long-range shooting ability. Top players can score, even from a distance. Long-range shots are undoubtedly the most challenging.


Every team needs players with superior rebounding skills. A player can influence the outcome of various in-court exchanges, irrespective of whether a team is attacking or defending. Exceptional rebounding skills are super-important when looking to get and maintain ball possession throughout the match. 

The best part about it is that the team creates more offensive chances. Teammates can also support each other when attacking by grabbing missed shots. Robert says players find it easier to remain highly motivated while demoralizing their opponents. Mafes singled out Dennis Rodman and Shaquille O’Neal as some of the NBA’s most talented rebounders.


Players with this skill can work their way around opponents, even breaking through into heavily defended areas of the court. As a result, it’s easier to create scoring chances or switch play from dangerous defensive areas to the opponent’s half. A player can dribble around the court while bouncing the ball to avoid committing a traveling violation. The best dribblers can move the ball around without passing the ball. 


The defensive play takes a lot more effort and agility. The trick lies in anticipating an opponent’s moves to prevent them from passing the ball or getting into scoring positions. A good team can defend and attack more effectively; otherwise, winning matches can prove elusive.  

It’s vital for defenders to frustrate opponents by staying in front of them and thwarting any offensive moves. However, defensive roles are fraught with the risk of violating rules.

About Robert Mafes

Mafes is an HVAC expert and owns Global Cooling, LLC, a company operating for over a decade. He’s a big basketball fan and spends some of his free time on the court showcasing shooting, rebounding, and dribbling skills.

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