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Riyadh.Flights: The Future of the Internet Could Be in Riyadh.

Philadelphia Pennsylvania, June 28, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, is set to become the most expensive domain sale in internet history. Voyage Marketing has confirmed it has received multiple offers for the domain above $60,000,000, which combines a beautiful, transformative middle eastern city with one of the most commercially valuable top-level domains created, .flights.

“It’s been known for a long time that hyper-personalization and specificity convert the most customers and generate the most valuable experiences. Saudi Arabia has been very ingenious with their investments in tourism and travel, and this domain represents the world understands that,” said Voyage Marketing’s CMO Ryan Etheridge. Ryan has a point; Saudi Arabia has and continues to transform its economy from a historical reliance on oil to tourism, travel, tech, arts, entrepreneurship, and business. Travel to Riyadh has been growing exponentially, potentially cementing the domain owner as a digital gatekeeper of travel into Riyadh.

“Many companies have missed countless digital marketing opportunities as they sit on branded .com’s. People who think of Saudi Arabia think of new, fresh, different, and innovative. This domain could be used by millions of people a month to fly into Riyadh and experience the incredible country, and their travel booked in a game-changing way,” Ryan said.

According to the Google Domains website, newer domain endings such as .flights can help make a long-lasting branding impression by standing out and being unique. Google also writes that acquiring these domains is a chance to be on the leading edge of a direction toward distinctive domain names that quickly communicate the purpose and value of a website.

Soon, the influx of travelers to Riyadh could be booking their travels on Why? Because Riyadh may undoubtedly be the future of travel and the internet.

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