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Rising Prevalence of Cancer in the U.S. is Likely to Boost Demand for Two-Photon Microscope – Fact.MR Survey

Multiphoton Microscopy Market

Shortly, growing biomedical research for medication development and cancer diagnostics is predicted to create a favorable environment for the global multiphoton microscopy market to flourish. Furthermore, with the support of governments, different clinical development initiatives in several nations are aimed at increasing cancer screening programs. As a result, cancer patients are being screened and diagnosed earlier. Multiphoton microscopy is increasingly being employed in clinical oncology diagnostic testing for imaging.

The rising global prevalence of cancer is predicted to increase demand for multiphoton microscopy across all regions. Players in the multiphoton microscopy field are currently changing their product categories and technologies regularly to improve device capabilities.

Key Takeaways from Multiphoton Microscopy Market Study

  • In 2020, two-photon microscopy had a market share of 94.2 percent.
  • Deep tissue imaging is the most profitable segment, accounting for roughly 18% of the market.
  • Due to technical breakthroughs and rising mergers and collaborations in these countries, North America and Europe combined represent over half of the worldwide multiphoton microscopy market share.
  • Because hospitals and clinics are the principal facilities for disease diagnosis and treatment, they account for over 5% of the total value.
  • All non-essential and elective surgeries have been temporarily halted due to the COVID19 pandemic. The cancellation of diagnostic procedures has had a substantial impact on medical device makers, with companies claiming significant revenue losses.

According to a Fact.MR analyst, “rising usage of e-Commerce and increasing technological developments are factors expected to boost the growth of the worldwide multiphoton microscopy market in the approaching years.”

How will Technological Advancements Fuel Demand for Multiphoton Microscopy?

To improve patient safety, new diagnostic procedures and technologies are continually being developed, which is a major factor driving market expansion.

These innovative systems include 3D reconstructed images of live cells, high-resolution, high-sensitivity, deep multiphoton imaging, multi-wavelength excitation for greater spectral coverage, and multiphoton software optimized software. These system enhancements would aid in expanding the system’s adoption by end-users.

In the clinical and diagnostic laboratories area, advanced imaging systems and diagnostic gadgets are gaining prominence.

Because two-photon microscopes provide high-speed imaging during biological processes, they are becoming increasingly popular.

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