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Rising Demand for Robots in Manufacturing Triggers Growth in Industrial Automation Market

Rising demand for optimizing the raw material, resources, production processes, and reducing human labor are key trends motivating the global industrial automation market. Products, equipment, software, and systems in the industrial automation market are used for handling various processes and component mechanical devices to replace and accelerate the work traditionally handled by a human being. They can offer increased flexibility in operations and provide optimum quality in the processes. These systems integrate various components of a complex production layout and optimizes the workflow and increases production output. Systems in industrial automation market also benefit manufacturers as they assist in eliminating the percentage of human error and fast track the manufacturing processes.

A few of the other factors influencing the steady rise of the global industrial automation market include rising adoption of industrial robots for manufacturing purposes and integration of advanced technologies. Various governments around the world are supporting the automation of various industrial processes in order to cater to the rising need for mass production and manufacturing of consumer goods. This trend is triggered by the increasing demand from the ever increasing global population.

Enhanced Worker Safety Capabilities Fuel Interest in Industrial Automation Market

Industrial automation systems can be utilized in various sectors or domains in a variety of industries including but not limited to, labor management, sales, value chain, asset management, and manufacturing processes. They help optimizing the production lifecycle by collecting and disseminating real time data regarding the manufacturing processes, manage and streamline resources, and maintain thorough records. Systems and products in the global industrial automation market provide higher level of flexibility, high quality output, higher levels of safety, higher rate of productivity, and higher accuracy and precision of information. Systems in the industrial automation market are increasingly integrating higher safety mechanisms to ensure worker safety in hazardous environments. These systems can automate the tasks that put workers’ life in danger, hence boosting the productivity and reducing the threat to workers’ health. Advancements in the field of manufacturing and testing along with integration and increasing adoption of futuristic technologies such as internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics is fostering growth in global industrial automation market. These technologies assist in increasing the production agility and carry out seamless execution in the global industrial sector.

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SCADA Segment in Industrial Automation Market Anticipated to Grow Significantly 

Type of automation technologies used in the products in global industrial automation market include programmable logic control system (PLC), human machine interface (HMI), product lifecycle management (PLM), computer numerical control (CNC) router, distributed control system (DCS), electronic control unit (ECU), machine vision system, manufacturing execution system (MES), plant asset management system, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Demand for supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) is anticipated to rise at a significant rate owing to the rising need for maintaining integrity of sensitive data. This factor is expected to fuel the growth of the global industrial automation market in coming years.

Products in the industrial automation market find applications in a variety of industry verticals, including but not limited to, automotive, metals, energy, chemical, food, instrumentation, building technologies, oil and gas, hydro power, transportation, mining, power systems, material, food, measurement, environment technologies, pulp and paper, and heavy industries. Rising need for boosting the speed of manufacturing activities across industry verticals is fueling the demand in the global industrial automation market.

Europe Industrial Automation Market Expected to Witness a Steady Growth in Coming Years

The Europe industrial automation market has seen a steady rise for the last ten years owing to the increasing adoption and integration of industrial automation solutions in diverse set of industries in the region. Key factor expected to boost the Europe industrial automation market in coming year is increasing demand for automation from automobile manufacturing companies in France and Germany.

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