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Rising Applications in Diverse End Use Industries fuel Growth of Laser Diode Market

The increasing applications of the solutions in the global laser diode market across various end use industries is stimulating high growth opportunities in the industry. These solutions are increasingly being used by stakeholders in IT and telecom as well as consumer electronics industries. Their integration in motion sensors, 3D depth sensors, optical depth pickup, laser printers, and a massive range of different sensors is generating a high demand for these products. Furthermore, various benefits offered by the products in the laser diode market, such as high coherence, high directionality, and high monochromaticity as compared to ordinary source of light is also fuelling the growth of the industry.   

 Key types of doping materials used within in the solutions and equipment manufactured by the stakeholders and participants in the global laser diode market include GaN, GaAs, GalnAsSb, InGaN, AlGalnP, and GaAIAs, among others. Based on the wavelength or property, the products in the global laser diode market can be further classified into segments, such as visible laser diode, ultraviolet laser diode, near infrared laser diode, and quantum and interband cascade laser diode. The products and solutions in the laser diode market are used in a massive number of electronic devices, including laser printers, remote controlled devices, intrusion detection systems, optical fiber systems, and compact disc or CD players.  

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 Rising Integration of Laser Diode Solutions in Autonomous Vehicles Motivates Industry’s Growth 

 Additionally, the products and solutions offered by the manufacturers in the laser diode market are also increasingly being used in the development of autonomous vehicles. These solutions are used for facilitating the operations of radar and LIDAR systems in the autonomous automotive vehicles. Furthermore, the relatively lower price point of the solutions in the laser diode market, as compared to other laser devices, also encourages higher adoption of these products. This trend is also generating valuable revenue generation opportunities in the laser diode market from various end users with different needs and requirements.  

 Some of the most prominent laser diode manufacturers and suppliers operational in the landscape of the industry include BluGlass Limited, Infineon Technologies AG, Kyocera Corp., Rofin Sinar Technologies, Inc., Sharp Corporation, Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG, Thorlabs, Inc., Coherent, Inc., Frankfurt Laser Company, IPG Photonics Corp., Newport Corp., ROHM Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and Power Technology, Inc., among others. The leading manufacturers and players in the electronics and semiconductors as well as the laser diode market are focusing on catering to the demands of the fast growing end use industries, such as IT and telecommunications as well as automotive.  

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 Asia Pacific Dominates the Laser Diode Market 

 Geographically, the global laser diode market can be divided into segments, like North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Among these, the largest laser diode market share was held by the Asia Pacific region. This trend can be attributed to rising demand for laser diode products from consumer electronics as well as automotive industries in the region. 

 These manufacturers and players functional in the industry offer various different types of laser diode products and solutions powered through various technologies, including double hetero structure laser diodes, VCSEL diodes, separate confinement hetero structure, distributed feedback laser diodes, and quantum dot cascade laser diodes, among others. The simple design, high temperature resistance, and enhanced modulation capabilities attract the attention of various end users towards distributed feedback laser diodes in the laser diode market. For this reason, the segment accounted for a major share of the laser diode market in the recent past.   

 The key applications of laser diode instruments and equipment are found in a wide range of end use industry verticals, including automotive, electronics and semiconductors, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, and IT and telecommunications, among others. One of the most prominent and significant end users for the products and solutions offered by the manufacturers in the laser diode market is aerospace and defense. Rising utilization of laser diode components in the solid state systems as pump sources, is supplementing the development of the laser didode market.    



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