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Rise in export activities to bolster the shipping Containers Market

shipping Containers

Shipping containers, as the name suggests, are one of the means of bundling goods and cargo into big unitized loads so that easy handling, movement, and stacking could be done. ISO-certified shipping containers are mandatory. Persistence Market Research walks through the shipping containers market through diverse aspects. Watch out!

How is the shipping containers market progressing?

The shipping containers market, by type, spans dry shipping containers (40 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft high cube, and likewise), reefer shipping containers 20 ft, 40 ft, 40 ft high cube, and likewise), tank shipping containers, and others. Material-wise, it’s aluminium shipping containers, steel shipping containers,, FRP shipping containers, and hybrid shipping containers. End-user-wise, it’s automotive, bulk commodity, capital equipment, pharmaceutical, chemical, and perishable and frozen item. Persistence Market Research has mentioned about the bigwigs producing shipping containers in its market study entitled “shipping containers market”.

Region-wise Outlook?

China is ruling the shipping containers market since the year 1980. In fact, the countries like South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and majority of Europe were getting their shipping containers manufactured in Mainland China. China, since the year 1996, is the biggest producer of ISO containers. As the market has witnessed disturbance since the year 2020 in wake of Covid-19 outbreak, it is trying to bounce back with the manufacturers shifting their bases outside China. Coming to LATAM, Brazil uses shipping containers to export poultry meat, raw sugar, iron ore, crude petroleum, and raw sugar. Persistence Market Research has sprung into action with insights regarding the same in its market study entitled “shipping containers market”.

The Competitive Stroke

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in shipping containers market as follows:

  • BSL Containers Ltd.
  • Hapag Lloyd AG
  • Cleveland Containers
  • Evergreen Marine Corp.
  • Sicom SpA
  • China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd.
  • Maersk Container Industry
  • Singamas Container Holdings Ltd.
  • Sea Box, Inc.
  • CXIC Group Containers Company Ltd.
  • W&K Containers, Inc.
  • YMC Container Solutions
  • TLS Offshore Containers International
  • OEG Offshore Ltd.
  • CARU Containers B.V.
  • Industrial Welding Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd. (IWES Ltd.)
  • Seaco Global Ltd.
  • SM Line Corporation
  • GTI Fabrication
  • Klinge Corporation
  • MT Container GmbH
  • Sarjak Container Lines

Persistence Market Research has further stated that Cleveland Containers, on June 1, 2021, made way for a brand new Midlands office at Wolver Hampton in the form of expansion venture with increase in demand for containers. It has also mentioned that Evergreen Marine Corporation, in the year 2019, did ink a contract to build 14 ships including 4 ships of 1,800 TEU and 10 ships of 23K TEU. Going further, it has entailed that Hapag Lloyd AG, in 2020, did highlight the operational test with LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) by conversion of Sajir (capacity – 15K TEUs) to dual fuel system.

Overall, shipping containers won’t see a dearth in the years to come. They would,, instead, be on an ever-growing spree – Persistence Market Research.

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