Ripple/XRP – is it over? Coach JV gives his thoughts

For those who don’t know – Ripple is an innovative technology company who is behind the cryptocurrency XRP. Their basic premise is bringing faster payments. It is reported that Bitcoin transaction confirmations may take many minutes with high transaction costs, while XRP transactions are confirmed in seconds with little cost. XRP is a technology that is mainly known for its digital payment network and protocol.

Coach JV, who is a thought leader in the crypto space, says personally he has been holding XRP for a long period of time and he has not sold any of it (not financial advice). JV said ‘’here’s the way I think about it. Anytime there is a lawsuit on a company such as Google or Amazon, their stock price usually sky rockets afterwards. First what the government does is they resist it, then they sue it, regulate it and finally they join it’’.

Coach JV goes on express his confidence in XRP and cites the following reasons:

  1. Ripple has not hit its all time high within the current bull run.
  2. It is being suppressed because of the SEC Ripple case.
  3. When that case gets settled, the price appreciation and the fear of missing out is going to be so massive that I believe there is going to be a huge price jump.

Would You Consider XRP To Be Superior To Bitcoin?

It seems Coach JV sees the two cryptocurrencies a little differently, calling Bitcoin a ‘’store of value like gold, this is why we see Billionaires putting their money into Bitcoin’’. He added ‘’XRP is seen more as a utility and a software company. If I look at bitcoin, it’s like me buying a piece of gold, whereas if I look at a piece of XRP Ripple, it’s like me buying Google stock. I see them in two different classes, not even competing with each other. One is cross border payments and the other is a store of value’’.

Where Will XRP Be In 12 Months Time    

Coach JV predicts XRP will hit the $10 in 12 months time (by May 2023). Will he be correct? Only time will tell. 



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