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Ripple & USDC Investors Pile Into DeeStream’s High-Yield Presale Joining a Thriving Community of 17,000+

Ripple XRP isn’t exactly showing outstanding performance, while USDC has unsurprisingly been trading relatively flat for years. So, it’s no wonder that investors looking for substantial returns are flocking to DeeStream to maximize their gains and invest in a platform they understand. With its novel approach to video streaming, this decentralized platform is set to take the digital environment by storm, a fact evidenced by the 17,000-strong (and growing) community it already boasts.

Ripple XRP Continues to Exhibit Lackluster Performance Despite Stablecoin Announcement

Ripple XRP recently announced the launch of a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Clearly, that hasn’t impressed the market whatsoever. As of this writing, Ripple is trading at $0.58, which is 30% below its annual high of $0.82. Furthermore, the drop from its all-time high of $3.4 is likely more than depressing for investors.

And the announcement of a stablecoin should have seen Ripple rally somewhat, but whatever gains it made on the back of the news, it quickly lost. Analysts are bearish on Ripple in the short term as it continues to test resistance at $0.52.

However, in the very long term, the view is bullish, with some analysts expecting the coin to hit $3.54, while others are even more enthusiastic and see Ripple going to $9.81. Unfortunately, investors would have to wait until 2030 for either of these scenarios to manifest.

USDC Trades Flat Yet Sentiment Is Bullish

USDC stands as a stablecoin firmly tethered to the value of the U.S. dollar, naturally resulting in a tendency towards price stability. This inherent stability aligns with its primary objective. While this characteristic renders it a relatively secure investment, its minimal price fluctuations imply limited potential for substantial appreciation. Thus, while it can serve as a tool for hedging against inflation, it may not be the most effective avenue for substantial wealth accumulation.

Currently valued at $0.99, the sentiment within the market leans towards bullishness. Some analysts speculate that by 2030, USDC could climb by approximately 5% to reach $1.34. However, such projected gains appear modest and are distant enough to warrant skepticism, particularly considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, since USDC is not impervious to fluctuations in the value of the U.S. dollar, investors seeking significant returns might find more promising opportunities elsewhere.

DeeStream Promises Massive Gains as It Takes the Digital Ecosphere by Storm

DeeStream is entering the crypto market with a somewhat novel approach. It is, first and foremost, a decentralized streaming platform rather than a complex ecosystem few investors can truly understand. This makes it particularly attractive to investors who prefer to put their money into projects they can grasp without needing a Ph.D.

The fact that DeeStream promises to deliver where similar platforms already on the market are failing is just another point in its favor. What does that mean? Well, it’s no longer a secret that other popular video-sharing and streaming services censor creators. For platforms that purport to give everyone a voice, that’s a massive fail.

And if anyone dares go against the rules (which can, and often do, change without notice), they can potentially lose their entire livelihoods. Then they have to wait around for their money for ages, and that’s after giving a huge chunk of their earnings to their platform. So, it’s not surprising that DeeStream already has a community that exceeds 17,000 users thanks to its free speech policy, instant payouts, and extremely low fees.

For more information on DeeStream’s presale, please visit the website here.

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