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Daniel Kamensky is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kingston Valley Enterprises. Kingston Valley Enterprises combines long-term vision with operational excellence to build great brands in clustered regional markets. The company is responsible for creating Rinse Clean Technology for use in the car wash sector. Dan is also the Founder of Atomic Express Car Wash, which is developing several express car wash locations in the suburbs of Chicago. He’s here to answer some common questions about Rinse Clean Technology. 

What is Rinse Clean Technology? 

Rinse Clean Technology uses a proprietary filtering system to create clean water. This water is free of minerals that can cause water spots, resulting in a spot-free shine. 

What Causes Water Spots?

Minerals cause water spots within the water. Non-purified water will have a high mineral content. When you wash your car, you leave behind water droplets. If these water droplets are left to dry on your vehicle, they will leave behind water spots. 

Daniel Kamensky explains that these mineral deposits create visible spots on your paint job. 

How Does Rinse Clean Technology Prevent Water Spots?

Rinse Clean Technology uses reverse osmosis to remove the minerals from the water. This leaves the water completely pure. When the minerals are removed, the water droplets can evaporate without leaving behind mineral deposits that show as water spots. 

What is Osmosis?

To understand reverse osmosis, you need to understand osmosis. Osmosis occurs when a solution with a low saturation migrates to a solution with a higher saturation through a semi-permeable membrane.

Saline water is a great example. A low salt water solution will naturally gravitate towards a higher salt content solution. The low salt solution will pass through the membrane and into the higher salt solution. 

Osmosis is also how tree roots bring in water, and allows the kidneys to filter water from our bloodstream. 

What is Reverse Osmosis? 

According to Daniel Kamensky, reverse osmosis is quite literally osmosis in reverse. Energy is applied to the high-salt solution, which causes it to push the water through the semi-permeable barrier into the low-salt or filtered solution. 

Salt and mineral contaminants are left behind because they can’t pass through the barrier, while the water itself can. 

Reverse osmosis uses two factors to determine what passes through. These are the size of the particles and their charge. 

Calcium, for example, has two positive charges. This strong charge prevents it from passing through the membrane. This is also why water purified through reverse osmosis is often called deionized water because the positively charged ions are removed. 

What are the Benefits of Rinse Clean Technology?

Rinse Clean Technology has a few benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it provides a spot-free rinse. Deionized water dries faster than normal water. Because it doesn’t create water spots, there’s no need to dry the car after washing. 

This process also removes or prevents build-up, which can affect your vehicle’s paint job over time. 

Daniel Kamensky

Daniel Kamensky

In addition to being the Founder and Managing Partner of Kingston Valley Enterprises, Daniel Kamensky is an attorney with more than 20 years of experience and Founder of Restructuring Law Advisory. He is the Founder and member of the Board of The Creditor Rights Coalition as well. 

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