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Riding his way to the top as a young and successful model is Adel Serhal from Ukraine 

Adel Serhal, a multitalented Ukrainian artist, model, and social media influencer is known for his acting in various ads. His arresting personality and his dedication to inspiring greatness on social media as an influencer has brought him to the industry’s forefront. Adel believes that his style and his ability to try new looks and styles as a fashion model have allowed him to make strides in his career even as an influencer on social media, earning humongous love and adulation from fans and followers. He also writes content for his luxury brand collaborations and features them on his blog website.

Serhal started his career at an early age. He started his professional career as an International Model back in 2013. Since then, he has worked for numerous companies and magazines ever since his debut in the industry.

In 2019, Serhal joined the Man of the World pageant representing Lebanon. He won as ‘Mister Personality’ during the finals at the Fil-Oil Flying V Center in San Juan City, Philippines. Serhal was also a 2nd Runner up in the Man of the Universe Pageant, 2019, where he represented Ukraine and RedDoorz Philippines Ambassador, held at Teatro Casino, Waterfront, Cebu City.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we notice the rise of a few talented beings and also see how they have come so long in their respective journeys. The stories of these individuals and professionals have instilled more motivation in others and have inspired them in ways more than one to be their best versions in all that they do in their careers and lives. The modeling field has seen the rise of many such talented beings, out of which Adel Serhal is one perfect example of a man of talent and skill.

Starting his journey early at 18 years, honing his skills consistently, and walking his path with a true passion for modeling helped him experience many things in life. It was his madness and insane energy that also acted as great companions on his journey to lead him to where he is today as a featured model and a professional who has been able to work with the best in the business and is signed worldwide. 

Advising other budding talents in the industry, he says that individuals should know what they want, be passionate about the industry or career choice they have chosen, and must take a holistic approach when seeking out this industry. They must be able to feed both body and soul with healthy choices and things that are good for them while also having fun along the way. Adel Serhal also advises them to nurture good relationships, especially with themselves, and must feel good about themselves and love themselves.




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