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Riding Free: Explore the Angeles National Forest on Two Wheels

Hey there, fellow rider! Ready to hit the road on one of the best motorcycle routes in the LA area? Buckle up (or helmet on!), because we’re diving into the Angeles Crest Highway—the ultimate alpine escape from the urban hustle.

Getting to Know the Angeles Crest Highway

Picture this: 66 miles of pure riding bliss through the San Gabriel Mountains, starting at the junction of Interstate 210 and California State Route 2 (SR2) and ending near Wrightwood at SR 138. It’s not just a road; it’s a journey.

Planning Your Ride with Our Map

We’ve got your back with an interactive route map for the Angeles Crest Highway. Think of it as your ride planner, highlighting the must-see spots along the way. Feel free to add your own twists and turns for a personalized adventure.

Weather, the Wild Card

Now, don’t let the Southern California sun fool you. The Angeles Crest Highway climbs over 7,000 feet, and yes, it gets snowy up there. Check the forecast before you rev up, pack your cold-weather gear if needed, and peek at our winter riding safety tips—you know, just to be on the safe side.

Terrain Talk

This route isn’t your average Sunday drive. Brace yourself for dramatic elevation changes, blind curves, and breathtaking cliff-side stretches. Two tunnels add a dash of mystery, and neither of them comes with a spotlight.

Surviving the Ride

We’ve got some insider info for you. Weekday traffic is cool, but watch out for the weekend sightseers. Bicyclists, RVs, and camper-towing vehicles might spice things up. Here’s a quick rundown to keep your ride smooth:

  • Enjoy the views, but stay focused—those mountains are distracting!
  • Watch out for dirt, rocks, and other surprises on the road.
  • Locals might speed through curves, but you do you—safety first.
  • Keep an eye out for vehicles joining or leaving from pullouts and recreational spots.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the traffic ahead.

Pit Stops for Scenic Vibes

This ride isn’t just about the road; it’s about the stops. Check out these designated spots for both safety and jaw-dropping views:

  • Red Box Picnic Area:
      • Enjoy a picnic near Mount Wilson Observatory and soak in the LA basin views.
      • Pro tip: Grab your Adventure Pass before you park.
  • Newcomb’s Ranch:
      • A historic spot for riders, currently closed but a hotspot for meetups.
      • Iconic, private, and waiting for its next owner.
  • Dawson Saddle:
    • The highest point at 7,943 feet.
    • Perfect for a bit of hiking with the Dawson Saddle Trail.

Riding Essentials

Before you kick off, sort out your California State Park Adventure Pass. And, of course, get familiar with the state’s motorcycle insurance requirements.

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Ready for the Angeles Crest Highway adventure? Keep it safe, stay wild, and enjoy the ride!


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