Ride the Wave: The Profitable Journey of PLANET Investors

The Profitable Journey of PLANET Investors

The global crypto market bounced back in 2023, and as investors look forward to high-potential projects, PLANET awaits there with the perfect blend of growth opportunity and the scope to support a global cause.

Currently, PLANET, the platform’s native token, exhibits a growth of more than 211% on a year-to-year basis. Topping that, on January 2nd, 2023, the platform announced a massive airdrop on Solana, where US$400,000 USDC worth of PLANET tokens will go out to 3,000 wallets. 

Continuing with its trend of generous giveaways, the plRide the Wave: The Profitable Journey of PLANET Investors platform gave away more than US$100,000 worth of prizes as part of the First Raffle in the PLANET Rewards program, taking the excitement a notch higher. These prizes included iPhones, MacBooks, PS5s, and much more. 

Moreover, this consistently profitable journey with PLANET comes with the opportunity to take part in a project with a grand vision. PLANET’s long-term goal is to leverage Blockchain to address pressing social and sustainability challenges and create ways for a more transparent and sustainable future. 

PLANET: A Movement, A Disruption, and Much More

Planet wants to bring together technology, innovation, and the power of global celebrity fandom, involving the likes of legendary Lionel Messi, to deliver efficiently and impactfully on sustainability causes. At a broader level, its commitment is towards the world’s most pressing challenges as outlined in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals worked out by the United Nations.

To bridge this grand vision with practical applications, PLANET aims to disrupt the US$16 trillion real-world assets (RWAs) market by creating a state-of-the-art platform to tokenize RWAs. This will bring increased yield to investors and the web3 community built around PLANET.

More specifically, the platform targets US$100 million in annual revenue through a self-reliant business model that draws significant inspiration from Amazon’s Flywheel. Recently, PLANET took robust steps in its revenue mission when it announced its partnership with Zignaly.

Further solidifying this strategy and reinforcing the investor community’s faith in the platform, it declared its decision to leverage Zignaly’s advanced AI technology for sustainable growth and continuous protocol improvement. These two elements are the most crucial building blocks that will help PLANET DAO generate US$100 million in annual revenue. 

100 Million Revenue: A Rewarding Journey for All

The 100 million revenue target is much more than a mere milestone to reach. Meeting the target will ensure that investors benefit, including everyone who has shown support for the cause in whatever capacity. 

Acquiring the unique celebrity-backed RWAs, mystery boxes, and exclusive NFTs will generate the fund that will eventually go into strengthening the DAO, creating more income generation opportunities, and helping PLANET with the formation of ecosystem funds and investments. 

And where would these funds and investments eventually end up? They will go back to PLANET token holders as rewards and will have many more facilities, such as discounts, early access to exclusive NFTs, and more. Some of the funds will also be used in running the buyback and burn program to keep the PLANET token deflationary and in demand. 

Overall, PLANET Token ensures through all the means possible that holding it remains a profitable and rewarding exercise in the long run. 

To ride the wave, investors can visit any of the popular crypto exchanges as the token is now available on ByBit, Uniswap,, PancakeSwap, MEXC, Bitget, Bitmart, NovaDax, CoinEx, and more. 

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