Ride Longer on Your Electric Motor Bike on a Single Charge

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Ever wondered how long your typical electric motor bike goes on a single charge? The answer to this depends on several factors. But we can tell you how far your electric motor bike or electric motorcycle can travel on a single charge.

First, you need to understand the exact specification of your electric motor bike, as different electric motor bikes or electric motorcycles come in different capacities. Battery capacity and size are the number-one considerations for your bike’s staying power. Your e-bike can last between 2 hours and up to 2 days, depending on the battery specification. 

Different motorcycle brands have their own unique features, including different battery types. A battery can be made of nickel cadmium, lead acid, or lithium ion. The lead-acid battery was the first and is still widely used; the nickel-cadmium battery is a popular rechargeable battery for portable appliances because it is smaller than the other two. While lithium is one of the most energy-dense battery technologies today, it is a lightweight chemical element that is capable of storing power.

Since lithium is light, it is recommended for electronic bikes. A lead-acid-powered electric motorcycle can run between 45 and 70 km, whereas a lithium-ion-powered electric motor bike can reach between 70 and 120 km.

These batteries’ output power is measured in watts, with a range between 250 and 750 watts. A lead-acid battery gives out 12 volts at 3 amps, while a lithium-ion battery’s output is 36 volts at 2 amps. The best electric motorcycle or motor bikes are measured through its voltage and amp levels. A mid-range battery with a capacity of 72 V and 55 Ah can travel up to 160 km on a single charge. Also, a battery with an aluminum alloy shell is an added advantage.

However, battery capacity and size are not the only factors that affect how long your electric motor bike goes on a single charge. The other factors to consider for your e-motorbike’s staying power and distance reached are terrain, tire pressure, weather, and rider weight. Here, we will give you our time-proven tips and tricks to make your battery last longer with a single charge. You can be confident in using your vehicle without having to worry about unnecessary stops to recharge if you learn how to manage the factors that affect the staying power of electric motorcycles and electric motorbikes.

1. Charging Your Battery

Like any other rechargeable battery, draining your battery’s power is harmful to your battery. So, make sure to recharge your battery before it goes flat to ensure its optimum performance.

2. Storing Your Battery

Batteries, especially lithium-ion, thrive longer when stored in a cool, dry place with good air ventilation. Exposing it to direct sunlight and a hot, airtight place can ruin the performance of your battery. Remember that batteries discharge faster in warmer climates. The ideal temperature for storing your batter is between 32 and 77 degrees, Fahrenheit. However, freezing temperatures can also damage your battery. So, make sure it is stored at a temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

3. Checking Your Tire Pressure

The more tire pressure you apply to your electric motorcycle or motorbike, the more battery power is consumed. As a result, make sure you understand the ideal tire pressure for your electric motor bike in each terrain. For example, a solid, hard road requires a sufficient amount of tire pressure, otherwise it will lead to more friction. The more friction is exerted, the more battery power is used up, and hence a faster battery charge is lost. Remember that different terrain requires different tire pressure.

4. Maintaining Pedaling Frequency for Electronic Bikes

The electric motor bike looks like a motorcycle, but they are two different vehicles. Prolonging the battery life of your electric bike depends on your pedaling frequency. The less pedaling you do, the more power you consume, but if you maintain a steady pedaling frequency, you can save battery power and ride for longer periods. However, if you ride in the highest or most difficult gear, you are very likely to use up more battery power.

5. Weathering the Weather

A freezing temperature and snow can dangerously affect the battery of your electric motor bike or electric motorcycle. Don’t leave your bike outside when the temperature is below 30 degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise, driving in this weather allows the battery to warm up a little. However, it is highly recommended not to ride in sub-zero temperatures. On a zero-degree Fahrenheit day, park your motorcycle in a warmer garage, cover it with a thermal cover, or simply remove the battery and store it at room temperature.

6. Reducing the Load of Your Electric Motor Bike

The law of physics says that the heavier the load a vehicle carries, the slower it gets, and hence the less distance it can cover. Also, the heavier the load, the more power the battery exerts. As a result, the battery burns faster. Reduce the weight of your electric motorbike or electric motorcycle to avoid rapid battery discharge and to keep the battery charged longer.

7. Managing Your Stopping Frequency

The more stops you make the more battery power is consumed. Why is this so? It is because stopping and starting again switches the motor on and off, thus consuming more energy than a continuous ride. So, plan your ride ahead so as not to require you to make an incidental stop. Also, avoid abrupt speed changes, especially during a traffic stop light where you have to stop abruptly; try to slow down instead.

Electric motor bikes and electric motorcycles are convenient means of transportation, especially if you live in a traffic zone or traffic-laden city. Having an e-bike or an e-motorcycle spares us from heavy traffic and saves us a great deal of time and money.

However, it is very frustrating if, in the middle of your trip, you run out of battery power. So, make sure to get a motorbike or motorcycle that has a reliable battery. There are electric motorcycle near me with high performing batteries. Click on “find electric motorcycles under $5000” to check out which one best fits you. 

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