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Richardson Lewis Review — A Complete Overview Of This Broker

Richardson Lewis Review

The current evaluation of the derivative market is quite high. The notional value of all derivatives is close to $550 trillion. It is an unimaginably large sum of money. Richardson Lewis will help you navigate this incredibly complex world of investment opportunities and trading strategies. This trading platform is among the leaders of the industry and has been one of the most reliable providers of financial services for quite a while.

If you are interested in working with a company that offers a wide range of products and grants access to unique investment packages, you will find it more than satisfying to start working with Richardson Lewis.

Pros and cons of Richardson Lewis

Here are reasons why so many people are interested in what this particular company has to offer:

  • The company uses state-of-the-art technology. From the resilient web infrastructure to the proprietary trading terminal, Richardson Lewis has some of the most advanced technological solutions in the whole market.
  • Richardson Lewis is one of the best companies in terms of customer care. The customer support team at Richardson Lewis is one of the best in the market and usually reacts within minutes after you leave a message in the live chat.
  • Good trading terms. From low spreads to flexible margin accounts, Richardson Lewis has some of the most favorable trading conditions and attracts thousands of retail customers by offering profitable products.

While these advantages are quite important to many customers of the company, some downsides have to be mentioned:

  • Banking can be quite slow. With some withdrawals taking up to 7 business days to be processed, it can be infuriating to some clients to wait until they receive their earnings.
  • The trading terminal is quite good but it is still lacking compared to what specialized tools can offer. You will feel the absence of some technical indicators.

Financial instruments at Richardson Lewis

This trading platform is focused on trading derivatives although it provides access to the spot market as well. Depending on how you want to make your money, you will have a plethora of choices including dealing with assets directly or purchasing derivatives and engaging with the speculative market using borrowed funds.

Regardless of how you want to approach trading, you will find good instruments in the catalog of Richardson Lewis. It is one of the most diverse catalogs on the internet.

  • Trade commodities and their derivatives. It is a good choice for people who understand global markets and how many markets are interconnected through agricultural goods, oil, gas, and other valuable materials.
  • Currency pairs are the bread and butter of all retail traders who enjoy volatility and want to focus on day trading. While crypto assets are more volatile, currencies have larger trading volumes and may present unique opportunities to scalpers.
  • Crypto and other digital assets as well as unique derivatives are also present on the platform. Choose from the wide selection of exotic offerings to up your trading game and increase capital gains quickly.

Accolades and awards of Richardson Lewis

While it is good that the company has a lot of positive user reviews to its name, there is an even bigger value in having experts and industry committees give their approval to the high quality of the service. Richardson Lewis has many industry awards earned by providing unique products, investment opportunities, and high-quality service to thousands of individual and institutionalized investors from all across the globe.

Richardson Lewis is also an active participant in multiple unions and international organizations that are working on various ways to improve the industry itself.


In this Richardson Lewis review, you learned that thousands of retail traders and conservative investors choose this broker because of its emphasis on providing a superior level of service and offering unique products that allow traders to stay profitable and make living by trading alone. At the same time, the company is trustworthy and reliable which is proven by countless positive reviews left by former and current users of the platform.

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