Richard Rierson Shares Insights on Successful Leadership in Exclusive Interview

Richard Rierson

Are you trying to improve your leadership skills? Do you need some guidance to get started? 

Well, you’re in luck because we have an interview with a renowned leadership coach, Richard Rierson of Wichita, Kansas.

Richard is not only a coach but also a pilot and marine aviator with extensive experience in leading both planes and humans. He hosts the popular podcast, ‘Dose of Leadership,’ where he has guided many to become good leaders.

In this interview, Richard Rierson talks about his coaching journey and provides valuable insights into leadership. He also shares his 5 C’s formula for leaders and discusses the typical problems people face while leading.

After being forced to leave his dream job as a pilot due to the 9/11 tragedy, Richard began coaching. He entered the corporate world and had to start from scratch. Using his Marine Corps principles and strategies, Richard convinced those around him that he could proactively look ahead to avoid chaos, which is crucial in the volatile business industry. He gave workshops, and the feedback proved that the best part of his speech was his leadership talk, which pushed him to take this further.

Richard believes that acting and thinking like a leader is all about influence. The customers have more impact on the brand than the upper-level management, while they believe the opposite. A lot of leadership goes wasted because people don’t realize how much influence they have. You don’t need a certification or a degree to act like a leader. You have leadership qualities if you stay composed under pressure, are confident in yourself, know what to do, and are consistent.

Richard’s 5 C’s formula describes the fundamental characteristics of a leader: composed, confident, consistent, courageous, and compassionate. If you have these five characteristics in your instinct, you’re already acting like a leader should.

The typical problem people face while leading is a communication barrier. Businesses want to scale high but fail because the junior or middle-level staff keeps waiting for the senior’s commands to start functioning. Richard encourages the juniors to take the step, go all out, and play their role fully. He calls it decentralized leadership, where the senior communicates the intent with the junior staff. Both go all out and make their own decisions.

For Richard, the thing holding people back as leaders are self-confidence. People think that they can not get anything done or there isn’t enough time. But there’s nothing wrong with being human. It would help if you were the composed force within the chaotic situation. That’s what makes you a leader, and that’s when things will take a positive turn for you.

Leadership is more than having a fancy title or a degree. It’s about influence, being composed, confident, consistent, courageous, and compassionate. It’s about breaking the communication barrier and encouraging decentralized leadership. It’s about being human and organized in a chaotic situation. If you have these qualities, you’re already on your way to becoming a great leader.” Richard stated. 

To learn more about Richard Rierson, you can follow him on Linkedin or visit his personal website

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