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Riccardo Cervini Explains Why You Should Hire A Permit Expediter & Consulting Firm

Riccardo Cervini Explains Why You Should Hire A Permit Expediter & Consulting Firm

You might be preparing to undertake a major development project, renovate your commercial building, or maybe just want to add an extension to your residential or commercial property. Dominion Expediting & Consulting President Riccardo Cervini says there could be potential permitting issues at the local, county, and state levels that might delay your project.

Expedite the Permitting Process

An experienced permit expediter should know which permits are needed for particular projects. The firm should have staff who also are familiar with relevant local, county and state codes and which agencies to deal with when obtain the permits.

Your permit expediter can determine if there are any potential issues and address them to ensure the project has full approval from respective local, county and state agencies. The more work that a development project involves, the more permits it will need. A permit management and consulting firm can help streamline the process so that construction work can begin in a timely fashion.

Ensure Your Project Continues

Hiring a permit management firm can help you to ensure that your project can proceed even if a permit violation occurs along the way. Riccardo Cervini says an experienced consulting firm is your best solution to resolving unexpected permit violations.

A permit violation might be enough to cause your entire project to suddenly become impossible to continue. The odds are you will be able to proceed after paying a fine, resolving a court issue, filing an amendment to correct a permit. You might even have to make some changes to your development plan. Having an established permit management company on your side during a construction project is a vital part of the development team and money that is well spent.

Avoid Unexpected Penalties and Costs

Unexpected costs can make any project turn into a money pit that costs far more than it should. According to Riccardo Cervini, retaining the services of a professional permit management and consulting firm can help you prevent unexpected surprises from the local building department and/or governing agencies.

When you have a seasoned and experienced permit management and consulting firm doing the legwork while your project undergoes the permitting process, you can rest assured that they will handle and resolve any issues, comments and/or concerns that the governing agencies may have to reach the ultimate goal which is the approval/permit so construction work can begin in a timely fashion. 

Last Line

If you are looking to take on a large project with a significant impact on the environment, or if you simply want to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch, hiring a permit expediter and consulting firm is the way to go. Riccardo Cervini of Dominion Expediting has decades of experience helping clients navigate the complex permitting process, and he will work tirelessly to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible. With his help, you can be confident that your project will meet all regulatory requirements and reach its full potential. Contact Dominion Expediting today for more information about how we can help you take on a big challenge with ease!

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