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Rica Waxing For Women At Home Is The Most Popular


Women have been waxing for thousands of years. And this comes naturally to women as excess and/or unwanted hair is a hindrance to beauty. Rica waxing for women at home is one of the most popular ways of getting rid of bodily hair. While there are different types of wax which are available, in this article we would be informing you all about Rica waxing for women at home. This pursuit would also encourage a lot of women to go for a Rica waxing session if in case they do not.

The benefits of Rica waxing are so high that it literally becomes irresistible to avoid. Moreover, it weighs only on the positive with no negative which makes it all the more acceptable. Let us step up and have a look at them all.

1. Why should you take Rica waxing for women at home?

Rica wax is not just any wax, rather it is a special type of wax which requires special efforts for formulation. Hence making it quite effective, but at the same time making it pretty expensive as well. This ensures that Rica waxing for women at home scores over all the other types of wax. It is quite effective in removing hair in a single application. The beautician applies Rica wax only once on a particular body part and it ensures the removal of all the hair.

You may have an idea of its effectiveness because it removes the tiniest of hair. This stands out in a strong contrast in comparison to other wax types, let us say chocolate or honey. As chocolate or honey wax is not capable enough to remove all the hair in a single application. It may leave behind some hair which does not stick into the wax. And therefore requiring 2 or sometimes 3 applications of wax on the same area. This is not only quite cumbersome but also takes a toll on the skin. The skin becomes red and inflamed thoroughly with significant irritation which takes a long while to subside.

Rica waxing for women at home becomes as effective as it does not contain the ingredient colophony. Colophony is a major skin sensitizer and an inherent part of all the wax types. This is because it takes special efforts in terms of purification of wax and its fractional distillation in order to pull out colophony. This makes the wax expensive but extremely effective. Since Rica wax does not contain colophony, it suits all skin types. All women, especially with sensitive skin, ideally should take Rica waxing for women at home for its superiority.

2. Benefits of Rica waxing for women at home

Here we have listed some of the many benefit that you subscribe to when opting for Rica wax

  • Rica waxing for women at home makes hair removal pretty easy

Removal of hair via any type of wax is surely a painful process. A woman taking waxing service for the first time experiences more pain compared to ones who have been taking it for a long time. Yet, pain is associated all the more with waxing. But, this is where Rica waxing for women at home becomes interesting as it causes less amount of pain. This is because Rica wax has a special property of sticking to only hair and not skin. And when the beautician rips the strips, it pulls out your hair and not your skin. This leads to experiencing less pain which is also one of the deciding factors when opting for waxing.

  • Rica waxing for women at home removes tan and dirt

Although the primary purpose of waxing is removal of hair. Yet, it delivers secondary benefits as well. The skin over time accrues a lot of dirt and dust particles. This, as a result, turns the skin shabby and unpleasant to look at. Rica waxing for women at home helps to remove unhealthy skin cells by pulling them off as well. This makes the newer and healthier skin cells come on top of the skin. Thus, making the skin look shinier and smoother by removing all the tan and dirt.

  • Rica waxing for women at home is perfect for women with sensitive skin.

All the women want to get rid of their excess hair. But, not everyone’s skin can tolerate every and all wax types. For women, who have sensitive skin, it may be quite a struggle. Taking a waxing session with just another wax can lead to flaring up of skin. But, rica waxing for women at home ensures to serve all. Since, Rica wax is devoid of colophony which is a skin sensitizer, it becomes all the more comfortable to remove hair. This way, Rica wax understands the longing of women with sensitive skin and removes hair without any side effects.

  • Rica waxing for women at home takes only a single application to remove hair.

Waxing is already painful as it is. And to reapply a wax coat on the same body part to remove hair can be quite uncomfortable. Women taking waxing with chocolate or honey wax have to go through the reapplication of wax. This is generally the case as chocolate or honey wax are not so effective at removing hair. Moreover, it may require as many as 3 applications of wax on the same body part. This naturally leads to redness and inflammation of the skin.

Rica waxing for women at home ranks a lot higher than chocolate and honey wax. It requires only a single application of Rica to get rid of all the hair from the body. This is why women who have been taking Rica waxing know its benefits and efficiency. And since so is the case, they invariably opt for Rica wax. It only takes one time effort to persuade those women who do not take Rica wax as an option. But, if they taste the positives of it once, they become a regular customer to it.

All in all, Rica waxing for ladies at home is one of the most efficient waxing methods out of all those available. And women feel connected and relate themselves to the positives that we have pointed out just above. You may now book Rica waxing for women at home by simply logging into the website and booking your time slot. You would receive a notification of confirmation with a beautician who shows up at your place, at your convenience.

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