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Rib Pain Demystified: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Pain under the ribs is a common issue with several potential reasons. This post will go into great detail on a number of the signs and causes of discomfort under the ribs above the stomach region. We will address common causes such as digestive issues, muscular strains, rib or adjacent organ injuries, and more serious conditions affecting the upper abdomen. To find out more about possible reasons for discomfort in this area of the body and the need for a medical consultation, keep reading. Answers to your most troubling queries are provided by ViaScan of Las Colonis, a recognized scanning center, which also assists you in starting a healthier and higher level of living. 

Rib Pain Demystified Symptoms

The stomach, pancreas, or intestines are frequently identified as the source of discomfort behind the left rib cage. In addition to heartburn, gas, and reflux symptoms, constipation can occasionally cause a radiating soreness behind the left ribs. Another potential cause of discomfort, especially during periods of high activity, might be stiff or sore muscles in the diaphragm, which is located across the left rib cage. Be cautious if you experience left-sided rib pain in addition to any other concerning symptoms, such as nausea, back pain, elevated body temperature, or trouble breathing.

Rib Pain Causes 

A torn muscle or damaged ribs are the most frequent causes of rib cage discomfort. Additional reasons for rib cage discomfort might be:

  • fractured ribs disorders affecting the bones, such as arthritis.
  • broken ribs, traumas to the chest rib fractures.
  • muscular spasms, 
  • infection of the wall of the lungs
  • rib tissue enlargement.

Ultimately, there are several possible causes for soreness on either side under the rib cage and across the waist. It’s crucial to identify important comorbid symptoms, triggers that increase or decrease the pain under ribs, and a thorough physical examination and testing carried out by a medical practitioner to ascertain the cause. While indigestion, tense muscles, or mild trauma may be the cause of some cases of rib cage discomfort, more serious conditions, including infections, inflammation of the pancreas, an enlarged liver, or a spleen, necessitate prompt medical treatment. Never be reluctant to ask your healthcare professional about any unusual or developing discomfort that develops under your ribs to receive an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment.

Major Organs and Pain Under Ribs

In most cases, organs such as the stomach, pancreas, or intestines are blamed for pain under the left rib cage. Sometimes, the ache behind the left ribcage might be felt as a radiating symptom of constipation, along with symptoms of heartburn, gas, and reflux. An additional source of discomfort, particularly during intense activity, might be muscular tension or soreness in the area known as the diaphragm across the left rib cage. If you have left-sided rib discomfort along with any other worrisome symptoms, such as back pain, nausea, high temperature, or breathing difficulties, be alert. The liver, which is located just below the right ribcage, may develop, and get inflamed under certain circumstances, resulting in discomfort and soreness there. Full body scan help diagnose viral hepatitis ailments, fatty liver disease, which is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, and disorders involving bile flow restriction, such as gallbladder stones, are among the possible causes.

Diagnosing Rib Pain

Describe the kind of discomfort you’re feeling as well as the motions that exacerbate it for your doctor. Your doctor can decide which tests are necessary to assist them in diagnosing you based on the kind of pain you’re having, as well as the location of the discomfort.

If the pain under the ribs is developed following an injury, your doctor may prescribe an X-ray or other imaging scan. A chest CT scan might show indications of bone irregularities or fractures. X-rays with rib detail are also beneficial. Your doctor may prescribe a bone scan if you’re experiencing persistent discomfort. If your doctor suspects bone cancer is the source of your pain, they will arrange a bone scan. They will inject you with a small quantity of radioactive dye, known as a tracer, for this evaluation. After that, your doctor will perform a full-body scan for the marker using a specialized camera. The camera’s picture will reveal any irregularities in the bones.

Rib Pain and Treatment Options

Depending on what is causing the discomfort, several treatments are advised for rib cage pain. If the pain under the rib cage is the result of a small injury, such as a bruise or torn muscle, you can apply a cold compress to the region to minimize swelling. With the help of a full body scan and diagnosis, you can also use over-the-counter analgesics like acetaminophen if you’re experiencing severe pain.


If over-the-counter medication fails to alleviate pain from an accident, healthcare providers and certified scanning facilities such as Via Scan may recommend additional drugs and a compression bandage. A compression garment wrap is a stretchy bandage wrapped around your chest in a big circle. With preventative health scanning and recurrent symptoms, early detection is proven to be a life-saving technique. 

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