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Reznikov pointed out the effectiveness of the use by HIMARS and the HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) by the Ukrainian forces against the Russian military

“Ukraine is now basically test site,” Oleksii Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, said on 19 July during an event organized by the Atlantic Council. “Many weapons are being tested in in the real-world circumstances of fighting Russian troops. Russian Army, and it is equipped with numerous modern weapons systems that it owns .”

“We would like to invite manufacturers of arms to test their latest items here.” Reznikov continued.

Reznikov pointed out the effectiveness of the use by HIMARS and the HIMARS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) by the Ukrainian forces against the Russian military.

As of now, Ukraine has received eight HIMARS units, and four more scheduled to arrive before the end of July.

“These system (HIMARS) enabled us to eliminate around 30 command posts and ammunition storage units when we began using just eight HIMAR systems. We will soon have more, as I understand. This has significantly slowed down Russian advance, and significantly reduced the force of their artillery shelling” stated Reznikov.

“We use HIMARS technology precisely just like the scalpel used by surgeons,” He explained “We are not using the Russian meat grinder strategy.”

The power of HIMARS on the battlefield has led to certain Kremlin supporters so scared that they’ve publicly expressed their worries as was reported in the recent EurAsian Times.

Illia Ponomarenko journalist for Kyiv Independent, a newspaper owned by Kyiv Independent, cited a Russian military bogger Andrey Morozov, also known by the name ‘Murz’, as declaring that Russian troops were suffering from a an increasing “munitions hunger” due to the fact that the numbers of 122 and 152 millimeter rounds was decreasing because of the recent Ukrainian attacks.

If asked how many HIMARS systems Ukraine needs, Reznikov said that at fifteen systems are needed to effectively thwart the enemy, given that the frontline runs 2,500 kilometers long.

The official also noted that approximately 100 HIMARS systems could allow the Ukrainian forces to launch “an effective counter-offensive” which makes HIMARS “a game changer on battle.”

The range of HIMARS rockets currently employed in Ukraine is limited to 80 kilometers. This is because the US hasn’t provided modern munitions that range of between 140-300 km to avoid escalation by Moscow because these munitions could allow Ukrainian forces to hit targets within the Russian territorial area.

Yet, Reznikov urged Washington to offer long-range HIMARS weapons, stating “Long-range systems will allow the us (Ukraine) the ability to totally eliminate their logistics and remove their Russian Army from assistance.”

“Give Us the Tools, We’ll Complete The Work, And You’ll Have The Latest Information”
He also mentioned that Ukraine has shared information on advanced Russian equipment, including electronic warfare systems as well as air defense systems and technologies for missiles with international partners.

“We are sharing all details and knowledge together with partners” Reznikov said. “We are keen to test new technologies in the battle against the adversaries.”

He also pointed out that a number of modern military systems including the Polish-designed KRAB artillery system of 155mm has seen their first combat at the Ukrainian battlefield.

“So I believe that for the partners we have in Poland as well as within Europe, in the United States, in France and in France, Germany as well as in Germany, in France, Turkey It’s a great opportunity to try out devices, Reznikov added. “Give us the equipment we’ll complete the task, and you’ll be armed with the latest details,” he added.

Reznikov has also stressed the importance to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the ongoing conflict against Russia. He said that just artillery is not enough. UAVs are also required to provide reconnaissance as well as precise strikes against enemies.

As of now, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned Reznikov’s comments, stating that Kyiv’s decision to conduct tests with Western weaponry inside Ukraine exposes plans to murder Ukrainians.

“Those who claim to be Ukrainian patriotic patriots fighting to secure the future of Ukraine have thought of the idea of soliciting (the west) to bring all the equipment that requires testing to Ukraine to be examined during the conflict. They haven’t mentioned that the test will be conducted with Ukrainians,” Maria said to that channel Soloviev Live television channel on July 20.

“The ruin of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people is at the heart of Kyiv regime’s policies regardless of the rhetoric,” she continued.

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