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Revolve Games Unveils Bones and Blade Beta V2: Setting New Standards in Play-to-Earn Gaming

Revolve Games Unveils Bones and Blade Beta V2: Setting New Standards in Play-to-Earn Gaming

Revolve Games is proud to announce the highly-anticipated release of the Beta V2 of its game, Bones and Blade. This milestone signifies a significant advancement in the realm of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming, showcasing Revolve Games’ commitment to developing a balanced and groundbreaking gaming ecosystem.

Revolve Games is actively transforming how DeFi staking is integrated into blockchain gaming. The staking rewards of a given tethered actionable NFT are determined by the performance of that asset in-game, whether it is a character, vehicle, or game builder. As a result, players are strongly encouraged to participate in gaming and level up their NFT. Increased staking multipliers also incentivize liquidity stakers to outperform their competitors.

Reimagining Play-to-Earn Dynamics

The P2E model has made waves in the gaming industry, but Revolve Games aims to surpass expectations with its unique ‘stake-to-own’ system. This innovative model enables players to connect their in-game assets to Revolve’s RPG tokens’ staking contracts, promoting a fairer distribution of game rewards and fostering a healthier in-game economy.

Revolve’s ‘stake-to-own’ approach stands out by bridging the value gap between tokens and NFTs. By assigning a solid RPG value to each tethered asset, it ensures stability within the gaming ecosystem and opens doors for future P2E ventures.

Bones and Blade: A New Take on Gaming

Leading this innovative surge is Bones and Blade, the pioneering game to incorporate Revolve’s ‘stake-to-own’ system. This captivating one-on-one card and dice game merges strategy, skill, and chance in a Rock, Paper, Scissors format. Players are invited to strategize and outplay their opponents, leading to strategic victories.

The backstory of Bones and Blade enriches the gaming experience by providing a compelling narrative context. Rooted in the survival tactics of the Quelks, an alien race in the Gork sector, the game has evolved from a means of survival in a conflict-ridden city to an interstellar pastime, even influencing political movements in certain worlds.

Each round begins with players receiving a randomly generated 20-card deck. While card effects remain consistent, their values can change, ensuring balanced and unpredictable gameplay. Complex calculations maintain the total card value while assigning damage values randomly.

The Road Ahead in Play-to-Earn Gaming

With the launch of Bones and Blade Beta V2, Revolve Games is paving a unique path in the P2E gaming space. Players and gaming enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the groundbreaking ‘stake-to-own’ model, delve into the strategic complexities of Bones and Blade, and engage in a gaming ecosystem that seamlessly combines gaming excitement with the tangible benefits of digital currency.

The arrival of Bones and Blade signals a promising future for the P2E model, demonstrating that gaming can be both entertaining and economically rewarding. As Bones and Blade steps into the spotlight, the gaming community eagerly anticipates further exciting advancements from Revolve Games.

About Revolve Games

Revolve Games ushers in a new era of blockchain gaming with its stake-to-own, play-to-earn ecosystem. Allowing players to create, stake and earn in interconnected games, it paves the way for a seamless gaming experience. Revolve Games’s first game, Bones and Blade, is the practical manifestation of this gaming paradigm, steeped in the timeless lore of the Quelks. Essentially, Revolve Games is fully dedicated to building a sustainable and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

For additional information and regular updates about the project, check out the Twitter and Telegram channels, as well as the Linktree.

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