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Revolutionizing TV: An Interview with Joe Ward, CEO of Edge Video AI

In an era where artificial intelligence is transforming industries at an unprecedented pace, the television sector stands on the cusp of a revolution. Leading this charge is Joe Ward, the visionary CEO of Edge Video AI. We sat down with Joe to delve into what Edge Video AI is building, its current status, and its potential to disrupt the $244 billion global TV industry.

Interviewer: Joe, thank you for joining us today. Can you start by explaining what Edge Video AI is building?

Joe Ward: Absolutely. Edge Video AI is developing a sophisticated AI engine designed to optimize and enhance the television viewing experience. Our goal is to integrate advanced AI capabilities directly into the TV infrastructure to analyze, personalize, and elevate content in real-time. This isn’t just about making minor tweaks—it’s about fundamentally enhancing existing content by making it truly interactive.

Interviewer: That sounds fascinating. Can you elaborate on how this technology is set to disrupt the industry?

Joe Ward: The TV industry has been ripe for innovation for a long time. Despite technological advancements, the core way we consume television content has remained relatively static. Our AI engine, which is working exceptionally well, is a game-changer. It brings a new level of interactivity and personalization that viewers have never experienced before. Essentially, everyone wants it but no one has been able to build it so far.

Interviewer: What exactly does your AI engine do that sets it apart?

Joe Ward: Our engine analyzes content in real-time, offering interactive features that enhance viewer engagement. For example, imagine watching a cooking show where you can instantly purchase the exact same ingredients or watching the news about a house fire and you can instantly order a fire extinguisher or even a fire insurance –  you can also join live quizzes and win points – all based on the content you are watching and all seamlessly integrated into your viewing experience. This is enabled via adding a simple QR code to any stream, allowing viewers to scan it and interact with the stream directly.

The AI engine looks at the images and listens to the audio, enabling it to provide relevant and contextual interactions. For gaming, our AI generates interactive games and quizzes that viewers can play along with. When it comes to shopping, it matches products with the stream. For instance, if you’re watching a movie and you like an outfit a character is wearing, our AI suggests similar products and even allows you to purchase them directly from your phone. It continuously pushes real-time updates to your phone, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to interact.

Interviewer: That’s impressive. How are different stakeholders in the TV ecosystem, such as channel providers, content creators, and eCommerce platforms, involved and rewarded?

Joe Ward: Our platform is designed to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Channel providers gain access to enhanced content capabilities that can drive higher viewer engagement and retention. Content creators can monetize their work more effectively through interactive features and direct viewer engagement. eCommerce platforms can tap into a highly engaged audience with contextually relevant ads and shopping opportunities.

Moreover, viewers themselves are rewarded through a more enriched viewing experience. They can interact with content in new and exciting ways, making the TV experience more personal and engaging. We’re also exploring reward mechanisms where viewers can earn points or discounts by engaging with interactive content, creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and reward.

Interviewer: Where does Edge Video AI currently stand in terms of development and deployment?

Joe Ward: We are in a very exciting phase right now. Our AI engine has passed several critical milestones and is already demonstrating exceptional performance in pilot programs. We’re working closely with key industry partners to integrate our technology into existing TV ecosystems. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re gearing up for broader deployment in the near future. Lots of channels are interested, recognizing the potential to significantly enhance their offerings and viewer engagement.

Interviewer: It sounds like you’re on the brink of something truly groundbreaking. How do you see Edge Video AI evolving in the next few years?

Joe Ward: The potential is enormous. As we continue to refine and expand our technology, we foresee Edge Video AI becoming a standard in the TV industry, much like streaming services revolutionized content delivery a decade ago. We aim to be at the forefront of this new wave, making television more interactive, engaging, and rewarding for everyone involved.

Interviewer: Joe, thank you for sharing your vision with us today. It’s clear that Edge Video AI is poised to make a significant impact on the television industry.

Joe Ward: Thank you. We’re thrilled about the future and the opportunity to transform the way the world watches TV.

As Joe Ward and his team at Edge Video AI continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the television industry stands on the verge of a transformative leap forward. With a keen focus on enhancing viewer engagement and creating new monetization avenues, Edge Video AI is set to redefine the TV experience for all stakeholders involved.

About Edge Video AI:

Edge Video AI is a leading innovator in the digital entertainment industry, it uses AI and Web 3 to transform any TV stream into an interactive, shoppable, gamified and rewarding user experience. 

With a focus on blockchain integration, Edge Video AI is committed to pushing the boundaries of digital engagement and redefining the future of entertainment.

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