Revolutionizing the Housing Industry: BIM4Housing UK’s Mission to Drive Better Information Management

BIM4Housing UK is a team of over 500 experts from across the industry who have come together to form specialist groups with the aim of driving better information management in the housing industry. The organization’s vision is for all stakeholders in the provision of housing to maximize the value added by better information management.

Chairman George Stevenson of ActivePlan, a leading construction software company, explains the organization’s focus on the information element of BIM and how it can address quality, cost, program, and safety challenges faced by the industry. Stevenson states, “We want to focus on the Information element of BIM and how it can address the quality, cost, programme, and safety challenges we are all wrestling with.”

BIM4Housing’s specialist groups drive workstreams that address issues that span across all industry sector working groups. The organization’s output is not simply “food for thought,” but a series of reports and guidance aimed at solving real problems industry-wide. BIM4Housing creates an environment that allows experts to share their ideas with other experts, challenge initial ideas, and develop solutions that work for the entire industry.

BIM4Housing’s recent focus on fire safety workstream has produced several reports and guidance to address important safety concerns in the housing industry. The BIM4H AOV guidance, Firedoors guidance, Cavity Barriers guidance, Fire Alarm and Fire Detector System guidance, Dry-Wet Riser guidance, Emergency Lighting guidance, Fire Safety Signs guidance, Sprinkler System guidance, Fire Dampers guidance, Drylining and Fire Wall guidance, Smoke Control Dampers guidance, Fire Penetration Seals, and Golden Thread Safety Case Checklist are all recent outputs from this workstream.

BIM4Housing is committed to addressing industry-wide issues through collaboration and sharing of ideas among experts. The organization believes that this approach is the key to driving real change and improvement in the housing industry. BIM4Housing’s workstreams are designed to solve real problems industry-wide and produce actionable solutions that can be implemented across the industry.

The organization’s commitment to better information management in the housing industry is evidenced by its dedication to solving real problems and driving improvement across all sectors of the industry. BIM4Housing’s workstreams and specialist groups are open to all stakeholders in the housing industry who are passionate about change and improving the industry.

BIM4Housing is a leading voice in the housing industry and is driving real change through collaboration and the sharing of ideas among experts. The organization’s workstreams and reports are making a significant impact on the industry and helping to address important safety concerns. BIM4Housing is committed to driving better information management in the housing industry and is making real progress towards this goal.

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