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Revolutionizing the Customer Journey with Package Tracking

Providing tracking information for customers’ purchases has become an essential aspect of the online retail experience. The increasing demand for instant feedback and delivery transparency has driven the development of real-time tracking systems. As more than 96% of e-shoppers utilize track package functionality and online tracking tools, it is essential for businesses to integrate their own systems and derive benefits from them, rather than redirecting customers to carriers and third-party solutions. Here are some of the revolutionary effects of adding tracking to the consumer experience.

The growth of package-tracking services

The days of wondering about the whereabouts of your shipment are over. While carrier companies initially launched this service, users turned to third-party online service providers due to the lack of information provided, especially for international deliveries involving multiple carriers. Now, online stores are striving to improve user experience by integrating tracking services as part of their customers’ journey. This allows consumers to monitor their products’ whereabouts from the moment they are dispatched to the minute they are delivered.

Real-time updates and transparency

Providing real-time updates is a major strength for online retailers. Thanks to tracking, customers can always be aware of the precise location of their products. When customers have access to timely and accurate information, they are more likely to trust and be satisfied with a business. This enables them to anticipate and prepare for any potential issues that may arise.

Reducing support and enhancing customer experience

Improvements in communication between sellers, carriers, and purchasers have significantly enhanced the consumer experience through package tracking. Websites, email alerts, and app notifications are just a few examples of how customers can follow their packages. The less time they spend asking questions, the better the overall experience becomes for them.

Solving problems with tracking

Both customers and stores benefit from tracking systems as they enable more proactive problem-solving. Customers can monitor the status of their items and promptly notify the appropriate parties in the event of package loss or customs delays. This allows sellers to react quickly, reducing the likelihood of interruptions and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Customization and personalization

Tracking systems have incorporated personalization and customization options for stores. Tools like Ordertracker offer stores the option to integrate their tracking system with a white-label solution, allowing businesses to utilize their own brand and design while also showcasing their products within the tracking pages. Stores can also customize their email and push notifications, providing updates for each order status or specifically when the parcel is about to reach its destination. These pages attract significant volumes of returning customers, and an upsell model has been developed, enabling stores to offer product suggestions and increase sales opportunities.

Insights and analysis from big data

Businesses can derive valuable insights from the data provided by parcel tracking systems. By utilizing this data, businesses can identify trends and enhance delivery efficiency. It allows them to make informed decisions, optimize their logistical operations, select the right delivery partners, and ultimately provide better service to their customers.

Real-time package tracking is revolutionizing customer service and enhancing the overall user experience. It increases transparency in post-purchase processes and helps customers manage delays more effectively. Package tracking facilitates open communication, improves visibility, and enables tailored interactions, leading to increased sales opportunities. As it becomes an integral part of the user’s journey, real-time package tracking is becoming increasingly crucial in online commerce.


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