Mastering Coohom’s 3D House Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever dreamt of designing your own home but felt overwhelmed by the complexity of it all? I’ve been there too. But guess what? With Coohom 3D house design, it’s more manageable than you’d think.

Coohom: A Powerful Cloud-Based Interior Design Software

Coohom, a cloud-based interior design software company, revolutionizes home design. Its user-friendly interface empowers amateurs and professionals to create stunning 3D house designs. With Coohom, you can effortlessly generate high-quality renderings, virtual tours, and 720 panoramas. Say goodbye to complexity—Coohom simplifies the design process, making your dream home a reality. Embrace this accessible innovation and let Coohom guide you toward your ideal space.

Getting Started with Coohom

Welcome to the fascinating realm of Coohom, transformative and user-friendly home design software. This section presents a clear and concise guide to help you get started using this powerful tool.

Basic Features Overview

Coohom’s primary features align flawlessly with its purpose. Its core functionalities include:

  1. 3D Rendering: It comes with 3D rendering capabilities, making your designs look incredibly realistic and professional.
  2. Virtual Tours: This stunning feature lets you tour the home design virtually, offering a unique perspective on digital architecture.
  3. High-Quality Panoramas: This feature aids in developing a comprehensive understanding of the spatial layout of designs.
  4. Cloud-Based System: Coohom is accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere. Saving, sharing, and collaborating on designs is made effortless.

Drawing Floor Plans

While incredibly advanced, drawing floor plans in Coohom yields a simple touch. To draw a floor plan, follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Project: Start a new project in Coohom, and choose the ‘Draw Floor Plan’ option.
  2. Set Dimensions: Define the dimensions of your plan. You can draw the outer walls and then move to interior partitions.
  3. Add Elements: Once the walls are up, add doors, windows, and other essential elements.
  4. Furnish Rooms: Finally, browse Coohom’s extensive catalog and add furniture and decor to your rooms.

Unit of Measurement Customization

With Coohom, the unit of measurement is easily customizable. You can choose Metric or Imperial based on your taste or local custom.

Go to settings and choose your unit of measurement. Coohom automatically adjusts all project measurements to your option. You can design your home in inches and feet or meters and centimeters.

Advanced Techniques for 3D House Design

Diving deeper into Coohom’s capabilities, let’s explore some advanced techniques. This section will guide you through construction tools, lighting and rendering, and furniture and kitchen/bath design customization.

Construction Tools

Harnessing the power of Coohom’s construction tools can transform your 3D design craft. Here’s how to capitalize on them:

  • Vary the wall thickness: Adjusting your walls’ thickness is a breeze with Coohom. A slider bar within the ‘Wall Settings’ lets you set your wall’s thickness, resulting in a more realistic 3D visualization.
  • Employ a myriad of doors and windows: Coohom’s models include an impressive array of doors and windows. Simply drag and drop your preferred design onto the walls.
  • Take advantage of measurement tools: Be precise with Coohom’s measurement tools. They’ll help you place furniture accurately within your virtual space.

Lighting and Rendering

Coohom’s cutting-edge rendering and light tools can give your designs a photorealistic finish. Here’s how to wield them effectively:

  • Light up your design: The ‘Lighting Settings’ option allows you to adjust the intensity of sunlight and add artificial lights to enhance the contours and shadows within your design.
  • Render like a professional: Coohom’s render button begins the photorealistic transformation process. With the click of a button, your design breadth is brought to life.

Custom Furniture and Kitchen/Bath Design

Personalize your design by customizing kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture. With Coohom, here’s how to create spaces that suit your style:

  • Play with custom designs: The Coohom catalog features many custom designs. Just click on the piece you like and place it wherever you want.
  • Be bold with bathroom customization: Drag and drop your chosen sinks, bathtubs, and other fixtures from the Coohom catalog into your design. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Mastering these components truly maximizes the potential of Coohom’s home design software. So go ahead and create engaging stunningly realistic 3D house designs! Practice makes perfect, after all.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Design

Let’s focus on some special insights I’ve gained while exploring this home design software. These are specific to Coohoms.

Light Effects and Arch Drawing

Lighting substantially affects a room’s atmosphere. Coohom gives you control. Use lights to your advantage. You can experiment with ambient, focused, and general lighting.

In contrast, arch sketching creates curved structures. With Coohom, drawing an arch is easy. The arch is under building tools. Select it, click the starting point, drag it out, and have an arch.

Circular Room Design

In Coohom, designing circular rooms is just as simple. Click on the ‘Room’ icon, choose ‘Draw a Room,’ and then ‘Draw by Click’ from the sub-menu. Click on the point where you want the room to start, drag the mouse circularly, clicking at each interval until you complete the circle, and double-click to finish.

Q&A Webinars and Community Exchange

Lastly, pay attention to the power of learning from the Coohom community. It’s a brilliant place to share, learn, and grow. Also, keep an eye out for Q&A webinars. These webinars, conducted by Coohom experts, are super helpful, often answering many common questions and providing comprehensive demonstrations.


You’ve mastered the use of Coohom 3D home design software. However, your trip continues. Practice, patience, and time will help. Start with simple designs, learn from the interactive Coohom community, and try out the software’s many capabilities to improve your talents.

Designers are always learning, and each step brings them closer to mastery. Enjoy the ride, make the most of Coohom, and stay tuned for more ways to improve your design skills with this unmatched home design program. Visit Coohom’s website today at to unlock even more powerful features and take your home design skills to new heights!

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