Revolutionizing FinTech: Abaxx Partners with Exberry to Reshape Financial Markets

A seismic tremor is about to rattle the FinTech arena, as Abaxx Technologies Inc. teams up with Exberry, a leading provider of exchange technology, to propel their suite of futures contracts into a new era. The monumental partnership is poised to redefine the industry, unveiling an epoch-making chapter in financial markets.

Abaxx Technologies Inc., a dominant player in financial software and market infrastructure and the controlling stakeholder of Abaxx Singapore Pte. Ltd., which oversees Abaxx Commodity Exchange and Clearinghouse, is no stranger to navigating the landscape of modern tech evolution. Their decision to unite with Exberry’s cloud-native trading technology platform is a resolute testament to their unswerving dedication to transmute financial markets.

A New Echelon of FinTech’s Evolution 

Abaxx stands at the forefront of FinTech’s revolutionary tide. This collaboration with Exberry is akin to a thunderclap, resonating through the industry and signaling a leap into a new echelon of FinTech’s evolution.

Exberry’s cloud-native SaaS trading engine is a game changer. It introduces unparalleled price discovery capabilities, setting an unparalleled benchmark for efficiency and scalability. With this dynamic prowess at its disposal, Abaxx is strategically positioned to empower market participants, streamlining and optimizing their futures positions within the Exchange and Clearinghouse.

The partnership’s most momentous facet lies in the creation of pioneering futures contracts. These groundbreaking contracts, characterized by centralized clearing and physical delivery, are on the brink of reshaping conventional financial markets. Abaxx Exchange spearheads the charge with these unprecedented contracts, fundamentally reimagining the landscape of commodity trading.

Dan McElduff, President of Strategy and Development at Abaxx Exchange, encapsulates the essence of this endeavor: “Solving fundamental problems in today’s global commodity and energy markets requires a technology platform capable of producing cloud-based solutions with precision at an expeditious pace; we have found that in Exberry.”

The Road to Smarter Markets

The nexus of shared values and visionary pursuits between Abaxx Technologies and Exberry forms the bedrock of this trailblazing partnership. Guy Melamed, Co-Founder and CEO of Exberry, expounds on this convergence by affirming, “Abaxx’s commitment to creating smarter markets and their focus on energy transition commodities trading aligns seamlessly with Exberry’s values. We’re excited to see our trading solutions contribute to their success, driving efficiency and growth in the evolving landscape of commodity exchanges.”

Going beyond their role as mere technology providers, Exberry’s amalgamation of exchange and trading technology prowess positions them as industry trailblazers. They bring to the table a transformative blend of entrepreneurial vigor and corporate robustness, introducing technology that redefines price discovery across alternative markets.

Furthermore, Exberry’s capacity to offer strategic business guidance for growth, regardless of the asset class or opportunity, sets them apart. Their technology is engineered to elevate existing exchanges or serve as the bedrock for trading novel digital assets. In essence, they empower financial platforms not only to weather change but to flourish in a perpetually evolving market landscape.

Driving Transformative Change

Amid the seismic shifts underway in the financial domain, these two industry juggernauts are set to carve out an indelible legacy. Their joint commitment to innovation, efficiency, and smarter markets underscores the potential of FinTech to drive transformative change.

Abaxx and Exberry steer the financial industry toward a more dynamic, efficient, and accessible future. In the process, they etch an unshakable imprint on the FinTech sector, raising the bar for possibilities within the realm of financial markets.

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