Revolution of Car AC Services and Maintenance in Dubai

AC is very important to stay cool while driving, especially in places like Dubai where the temperature can rise to 50 degrees Celsius. car AC is a safe haven for naturally occurring odor and disease-causing bacteria, which can cause a wide range of respiratory illnesses.

That is why, even though there are many car air conditioning services and maintenance shops in Dubai, it is very important to choose a garage that employs technicians familiar with the car AC systems inside to protect your health and your vehicle.

Every individual technician at car AC Maintenance Dubai has a vast knowledge of AC systems, so they will solve the problem in a short period of time when it comes to car AC service Dubai at a low cost. So, customers will save time. You can arrange an appointment for your convenience by contacting car AC Maintenance Dubai.

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of AC service Dubai, so they deploy even the smallest issues within a short period of time. Added to this, split AC service Dubai also has highly trained specialists for the business and residential sectors.

Moreover, split AC Service Dubai provides in-depth service on AC units for coil replacement, dirty air, insufficient cooling, clogged air, AC fault, AC coil repair, etc. Even minor flaws are an issue as they focus more on prioritizing customer needs.

The following workshops are the best car AC services and maintenance in dubai are Orange Auto, Apex Auto garage, Stop&Go, etc.

Overview of Car AC

Car AC is a system in your car that permits you to cool the vehicle’s indoor air in warm weather, supplying a cooler surroundings for residents.

The concept of air conditioning in a car was first developed by Packard Motor Company in the US. In 1939, they introduced AC as an add-on to their car buyers. Initially, AC was slow to become popular but by the 1970s, almost all new cars manufactured had air conditioning.

Car AC System Components 

car air conditioning systems have some key components. The main parts and their functionalities are listed below.

  • Refrigerant : The AC system is filled with refrigerant. This gas is used in most vehicles commonly called Freon or R134A.
  • Compressor : By the compressor, refrigerant is converted into liquid state. When the gas is compressed it becomes very warm and is then passed through a condenser. 
  • Condenser : Decreases temperature of refrigerant while it is maintained with high pressure. Moreover, the refrigerator changes from a state of gaseous to liquid as it cools.
  • Receiver-drier : It absorbs moisture from the refrigerant using a drying agent called desiccant.
  • Metering Device : It reduces refrigerant pressure, which rapidly lowers refrigeration temperature. After leaving the metering device, the refrigerant is still in a state of liquid.
  • Evaporator : In the evaporator, the refrigerator changes back to the gaseous state, causing a cooling effect.

How car AC Works

The AC system in an automotive works by manipulating refrigerant between a state of liquid and a gaseous. When the refrigeration level changes, it allows it to absorb heat and moisture from the vehicle and provide cool, dry air. And also, the system works to control pressure and temperature.

The Most Common AC System

  • Orifice Tube and Accumulator System:
  • This type of system consists of an orifice tube in front of the evaporator center and an accumulator in front of the compressor. 
  • The orifice tube controls the flow of refrigerant, converting the high-pressure liquid to low-pressure mist before entering the evaporator. 
  • The accumulator is a holding tank with a drying bag to remove moisture from the refrigerator before reaching the compressor.
  • Expansion Valve and Receiver-Drier System:
  • This type of system includes a receiver-dryer between the condenser and the in-line filter kit. An expansion valve is in the front of the evaporator core.
  • There is a moisture-absorbing dryer like the accumulator. However, the receiver-dryer is located on the high pressure side instead of the side of low pressure.
  • Like an orifice tube, the expansion valve plays the same role.

Car AC – Common Failures

Anything that lets in refrigerant to get away or contaminants to enter can cause a failure. If there is a leak in any part, recharging the system with a new refrigerator would be the best temporary solution. Identify the leak, replace the faulty components, and then exit the system and recharge.

System leaks will not only stop the AC system from cooling, but will also damage the compressor. However, compressors are generally unusable and expensive to replace.

To function properly, the AC condenser needs a constant flow of air through its fins. Moreover, Road debris and dirt can reduce airflow, which can lead to system failure. 

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