Revive Church KC Embraces Technology to Further Their Mission

Revive Church KC Technology

In this day and age, the choices for how and where you worship are more plentiful and diverse than ever. They are also more accessible than ever before. Online services abound if you can’t or prefer not to leave your home. Small neighborhood churches welcome small congregations, and megachurches support entire communities. But at Revive Church KC, the team knows how truly transformative the church-going experience can be. That’s why they’ve spared no expense to produce the highest quality services that they can.

To capture the experience that they strive for at Revive Church KC, they’ve considered lighting, cameras for their live streams, and sound. Each element contributes to the comfort and accessibility of those attending a service, whether it be online or in person. 

For lighting, Revive Church KC uses Vista 3 for the control software and Vista Chroma Q as the lightboard. Lighting can be tricky; it’s important that it’s dark enough that people can feel comfortable enough to really engage in worship, but it also must be bright enough to see the faces of the people and see who God is wanting to minister to during that particular service. Vista has helped to achieve that sweet spot. 

Blackmagic cameras with Canon lenses are in use for live streams at this time. Regarding the sound, expect to hear a Yamaha board, Nord keyboard, Jackson Ampworks, Fender guitars and amps, Multitracks, mainstage, Ableton, Earthworks Microphones, JBL VTX A series, Waves, Pro Tools, Crown HD, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Toontracks, and Roland drum pad. 

Revive Church KC aspires to use the best software in the industry. When you walk into the room and experience the sound and production, they believe you’ll be able to tell.

Internally, Revive Church KC has adopted software programs that eliminate stress and confusion as they plan and execute events on a grand scale. Planning Center is used to schedule all events. Church Center sends push notifications to notify members about upcoming events and also allows members to sign up for events within the app. This has eliminated filling out paper forms and tracking down random webpages. 

Basecamp is used to help track event and project responsibilities. This has helped the team execute great events for the community and helps avoid last-minute scrambling that can cause some stress for the volunteers. 

In an age where technology can be both a blessing and a curse, Revive members and staff alike are grateful for these software systems that help them out! Revive Church KC continues to prioritize keeping members informed and involved, as well as staying organized and communicative within their community. 

Learn more about Revive Church KC on Twitter and their youth programs here.

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