Reviews On ChillWell Portable AC – Full Consumer Reports! (Updated)

Based on Reviews on ChillWell AC we read while researching for this portable air conditioners, it is one of the best selling out now and it is fairly priced. We met a lot of real users and they were extremely satisfied.

We know it is Summer, everyone is looking to keep cold without cranking their energy sucking air conditioner. Well, you aren’t the only person, a lot of people have been looking to know this. What works and what doesn’t work. I promise you you won’t empty your wallet just to keep cold. A lot of things are possible and accessible.

ChillWell AC is a top rated portable air Cooler with additional features to beat off its competitors. It keeps your room cool, fresh, scented, and filters the cooled air. What is ChillWell AC? Is chillWell Portable AC Working? Keep reading, this is one of the questions we are going to solve today. We also discovered some false Claims regarding the ChillWell portable AC which we are going to clarify so that you won’t make the wrong choice. 

A lot of websites are out there trying to sell this but wait a little bit before diving into conclusion. It is good, yes we recommend it but there are certain things you need to get closer before making this your preferred choice. We don’t have other Portable Ac now, otherwise we will give you a list but we believe that there are many other brands selling out, you just need to be careful to see what works and what doesn’t so you won’t run into the wrong product and waste a few dollars that could have been used for something else.

Please Stay tuned, let’s dive into the review probably. In the end we also have links to get this if you are completely thrilled. Don’t buy it if you feel like it is inferior or not working, there are other portable air conditioners that you might like though at a different price. ChillWell  is the brand we picked again after a successful summer last year and you will see why it is still on our top portable AC. 

See our Review On ChillWell Portable AC today! Take action if you love it otherwise do more research. We believe in it but you might have a different opinion which is more important to you. 

ChillWell Portable AC Reviewed

ChillWell Portable AC is a top rated air cooler with multiple functions ( air cooler, humidifier, purifier, aromatizer, ordinary fan). It uses cutting edge technology to turn hot air into cooled air and it also cleans the air.

ChillWell AC stores water (icy Water) in a tank and uses evaporation to cool down your personal space. It is energy efficient, faster, more powerful, and most importantly, purifies your personal space.

It is very compact, the most compact selling now and comes with a durable handle to improve its portability. Unlike conventional Portable AC, ChillWell can be used from room to room, and it can even be used outdoors.

According to verified reviews on ChillWell Portable AC it is 300% more efficient which means that you will be saving more this time. It quickly and efficiently turns hot air into cold, moisturized, and Filters air without taking much power.

In contrast to similar Portable AC, ChillWell Comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery: Capable of lasting up to 12 hours on a single charge though it depends on the speed setting you set it and it can be conveniently charged with conventional USB Type-C Cords. 

Many people have been Using ChillWell Portable AC  to cool their rooms, offices and it can be transported from place to place without any hassle. 

To use this, just unbox your order and bring everything out, wet or fridge the cooling cartridge, fill the tank with icy Water, insert the cooling cartridge, and turn it on. Within a few minutes you will enjoy all the benefits of air conditioned rooms with just a fraction of your budget.

Today, ChillWell Portable AC is exclusively sold online, on the official website only at a discounted price and free shipping. We recommend you buy directly from the manufacturer so that you won’t run into any scammer selling inferior products with the name of ChillWell 

Cutting Edge Features Of ChillWell Portable AC

ChillWell Advertised the following features on their official website:

Three Speed Fan: Cool with any speed, ChillWell Portable AC has low, medium and high so that you can start enjoying the benefits of a fully air conditioned room without any hassle.

Cooling Cartridge: Looks durable and manufactured from the best materials available. According to ChillWell, You must insert the cooling cartridge in the right direction before using it for best result. Wet it with iced Water for the desired result. It can be removed effortlessly.

Manually Adjustable blades: Made from quality plastics, it allows users to condition the flow of cool air, making it very possible to cool the right place instantly.

Turbo mode: For much faster Cooling. Maybe you are completely tired and the heat is at its peak. ChillWell Turbo mode brings cooled air instantly and pushes it out with extra energy. Guess what? You just need to click a button to activate this mode! It’s awesome! Right.

USB-C Charging Cord: ChillWell AC can be conveniently recharged using normal USB cords like the one you used to charge your phone. People do charge from laptops, power banks, and wall socket outlets.

Mood Light: ChillWell comes with 7 color lights which can be selected independently and it can be switched to cycle mode where it will be toggling between seven colors. Press the light button eight times and it will be in cycle mode.

How To Use ChillWell Portable AC: Three Easy Steps

  • Fill the tank with water (Chilled or ice water is recommended)
  • Insert the cooling cartridge (see the right direction from the user manual)
  • Turn it on

Once you turn it on, you can switch it to any speed level, turn on the light if necessary, and also enjoy the power of its turbo mode. 

Why Is ChillWell Portable AC Recommended?

Ultra Compact Design: looks to be the smallest but we are yet to verify this. It is really a compact air color but extremely powerful. You will be blown away by how fast this tiny box that looks like a glorified toy will cool you down.

Rapid Cooling: One of the fastest for decades. It is shocking, extremely hard to believe but ChillWell Portable AC Cool you in a few minutes. How possible? See for yourself soon!.

Easy To Use: Set up takes just one minute. Indeed, it is not look conventional air conditioner. ChillWell comes out, ready to be used.

Affordable: At $90, maybe not that affordable but if you have bought a similar device at $200 before you will see that this is the best deal for any home this summer. 

3-In-One device: ChillWell cools the air, humidify it, and can also blow gentle breeze.

Durable: Yet to know how many years it will last but it looks like it will stand the test of time when used carefully. 

Long lasting Battery: Lasting up to 8 hours depending on your preferred setting. Again, the battery can survive many charging and discharging cycles without affecting its performance. It can be fast charged and can be deeply discharged.

Advantages of ChillWell Portable AC

  • Available online
  • Selling at discounted prices
  • No hassle return ( ChillWell offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders, no questions asked, full refund!)
  • Cheaper with no hidden fees 
  • Multiple purpose device
  • ChillWell AC is easy to use, it required no permanent installation, can be used from place to place
  • Improve tank (Can last up to 8 hours when filled up )

Disadvantages Of ChillWell Portable AC

  • It cannot ithandle larger space
  • It is only effective in medium sized room (like standard bedroom design)
  • Available only on the official website
  • Limited Stock 
  • No warranty though the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee 

Charging The ChillWell Portable AC

To charge it, use the include charging cord. Read the instruction manual for more information. ChillWell can be charged conveniently from any USB adapter just like most mobile phone. Charging time depends on charging source but it takes less than two hours to get it fully charged.

Prices Of ChillWell Portable AC

On the official website, one ChillWell AC is priced at $89.9.

Below are some other popular deals you can grab today:

Three ChillWell Portable AC cost $201 Plus shipping fee

Four ChillWell Portable AC cost $269 plus shipping fee

All prices are in United States dollars and are discounted. The manufacturer might remove the discount anytime without notice so we aren’t responsible for any price inaccuracies in the future.

Shipping And Delivery

At ChillWell, Shipping take around 5 to 7 business days and their packaging look totally different unlike similar stuff you have shopped online before. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout if any.

Package Content (ChillWell AC Reviews)

  • ChillWell Portable AC
  • User manual
  • Charging Cord


How Does ChillWell AC Work?

ChillWell uses Hydro-Chill Technology™ that helps turn hot air into cold, moist air.

How is ChillWell powered? 

ChillWell is rechargeable and should be charged with the included USB cable.

What Is The ChillWell Portable AC Dimension?

6.69″(L) by 5.71″(W) by 6.30″(H)

How Much Water Does The Tank Hold?

ChillWell has 550ml water tank for cooling 

What Is The Weight?

1lb 13.5 oz

ChillWell AC verified Consumer Reports 

I love the hot weather, but those hot August nights can be terrible to sleep through! Thanks to ChillWell, I am comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. I even take it with me while I’m camping.


Finally, I have figured out the coolest way to beat this heat. This is be best deal for the summer. Said by HEATHER R. – SALT LAKE CITY, UT

A lot of people are happy though few aren’t completely thrilled. Some due complain about lack of warranty but there’s still a 60-day money-back guarantee to meet up with this shortcomings.

False Claims 

ChillWell Cools In Seconds: Actually, I think they try to tell you how fast it is. Don’t expect this to cool your entire rooms under 30 seconds. When, tested, the temperature drops down gradually, much faster than Traditional air conditioner but not as fast as most reviews claims.

Cool larger space : Well, maybe they are taking about multiple units working together otherwise I don’t believe in this. It can handle your personal space, any standard bedroom. We mostly use it in our personal space and the results are typical. Never expect it to be as powerful as window system air conditioner.

Noiseless: It all depends on what they consider as acceptable noise. ChillWell is not Noiseless as most people think. The fan makes gentle noise, though not disturbing. You just need to keep it in mind anyway.


You have seen our review, hopefully it solve some of your problem. ChillWell Portable AC is selling and the company have sold more than anticipated. We tried it as other reviewers, the results are good . If you are still hunting for an affordable solution, give it a try. Don’t buy if you aren’t completely thrilled! We advised all our readers to buy from the official website to avoid being scammed. You know the type of the world we live in now.

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