A Review of Skyllz Token ICO and Human Skills Project on Blockchain

Technology has advanced in so many ways, and the world has also evolved rapidly to match these advancements. This has also affected the job market, and has caused a demand for new and specific skills, which traditional educations might not be sufficient enough to provide. Therefore, skills need to be acquired on different platforms, and flipping from one platform to another might just be too much stress. Hence, Skyllz has provided a distributed platform where users can acquire skills and get certified.

What does the Skyllz Distributed Platform Do?

Skyllz has been able to create a distributed platform that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain and has a unified protocol where human skills can be assessed, validated, and users can be empowered. This completely changes the way talents and skills are being assessed.

The Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDF) is a cross-platform that creates an open-source, distributed and blockchain-based community where you as a user can track, display, and build their skills using a Skyllz reputation known as “Proof-of-Skill”. This skill acquisition and contextualisation is not just limited to the platform but cuts across other Skill Touchpoints Applications (STA) like portfolio platforms, e-learning platforms and so on, which are built within the network.

The Skyllz Token

If the Skyllz Distributed Platform operates on the Ethereum Blockchain then it has to have its own in-app token. This token is known as SKT.

The SKT token is ERC-20 complaint, and is used by users to access the Skyllz Distributed Platform and make transactions. Users use this token in earning skills, putting them into practice, validate, and certify them both on the platform and other STapps on the network.

This token is decentralised, has a fixed supply, and can also be used in rewarding individual known as Raters. These Raters use ratings in deciding if a user should be given a certain amount of Proof-of-Skill for a specific skill, or confirming that the conditions in a smart contract has been met when SKT is being transferred.

The Skyllz Team

The team behind the Skyllz Distributed Platform comprise of great minds backed with years of experience in the blockchain industry. People within this team include Alvaro Mancilla (CEO and Co-founder). Jesús Chacón (CTO and Co-founder), Antonio Negrillo (CMO and Co-founder), Rebeca Canal, Elsa Caml, Brice Chalopet, Glorglo Fidel, and Alejandro Jurado.

The Skyllz Token ICO

The Skyllz Token private pre-sale ICO will take place between February and March 2018, where the team will move forward with Skyllz Distributed Platform and develop a global and impactful solution.

During the period of token sale, already existing users of Worklola with points will be given a 1-to-100 exchange for that amount of SKT, which will enable early ignition. A total of 800 million SKT tokens will be sold, and 1 ETH will be valued at 40,000 SKT.


Skyllz by Worklola is taking skill acquisition and human empowerment to the next level with the Skyllz Distributed Platform and with its SKT token, users on the platform can acquire, certify and validate whatever skill they fill might be of value on the network and also on various ST apps built on the platform.

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