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Review of Manhattan Book Group 2022: New York City’s Finest Book Publisher

The publishing industry has been updating its processes, which are still unknown to the average person. Hybrid publishing is an excellent option for authors who do not want to go the traditional or self-publishing route. Authors can choose hybrid publishing, which combines the best features of both options.

Manhattan Book Group is New York’s leading hybrid book publisher. The combination of traditional and self-publishing distinguishes them, providing a full-service book publishing program. Both programs have advantages, with traditional publishing providing authors with the prestige of working with an NYC publishing house and receiving full-service support and self-publishing, ensuring 100% royalties and creative control.


– Number 1 independent book publisher in New York City by Kev’s Best.

– Best publishing service in NYC by Stellar business awards (March 2022)

– Endorsed by Mariel Hemingway, actress and granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway.

– Recommended as a “reliable” and “viable” publishing option by New York Weekly.

Ingram is a partner of Manhattan Book Group, allowing the publishing company to function as a wholesale book publisher. Manhattan Book Services also offers pre-publication services such as professional editing, custom book design, illustration, ISBN assignment, and editorial review, among other things that can help the author improve the quality of the book. 

Their many notable retailers include, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Powell’s Books.


The publishing group’s proprietary program, developed by Amazon’s number one best-selling author J.J. Hebert, approves every book and guarantees the author that the reader will make at least one Amazon best-seller list, as well as media pickups from major news outlets such as NBC, CBS, and FOX, among others.


Reviews are one of the best ways to show people if a company or product is being loved or enjoyed by people. Since the author program is designed by J.J. Hebert, his reputation matters as much as the publishing company. Read everyone’s comments down below:

– Mariel Hemingway said, “If you want to get your book published professionally, look no further than Manhattan Book group. There’s a reason Manhattan Book group is rated the #1 independent book publisher in New York City – they’re the best of the best. I recommend them without reservation.”

– Paula Wiseman, the number 1 best-selling author of Amazon, insisted that she never had any questions after releasing three books with J.J. Hebert while undoubtedly calling him for her second series. The team helped Paula with publication and critical details while sharing tips on building a fan base. Paula felt that instead of a publisher, she found a partner.

– New York Weekly stated, “Manhattan Book Group is a reliable and viable option operated by a bestselling author with clear expertise in publishing. Highly recommended.”

– Dr.Merle J. Berger raved about the Manhattan Book group and said, “Conception, a fertility Doctors Memoir, came out happily this week. The process of publishing, previously completely unknown and intimidating to me, was made quite painless and transparent by the Manhattan Book group guided by Maggie Kelly.”

To learn more visit the official website of Manhattan Book Group.

About Manhattan Book Group

Manhattan Book Group, based on Broadway in New York City, is popular as a leading hybrid book publisher that provides professional publishing services with a twist. They have combined the best of traditional publishing with the best of self-publishing to provide authors with the “best of both worlds. They’ve also added a very valuable twist: They guarantee that the books they select for their proprietary author program will land on Amazon’s Best Seller lists and receive media placements on NBC, CBS, and FOX. We have, in short, revolutionized publishing.

  1. J. Hebert is the creator of Manhattan Book Group Publishers. Over the past ten years, Hebert (shown above) has published close to one thousand works in practically every genre, including a number of bestsellers and award-winners. He is also the author of five USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon’s No. 1 bestsellers. His works and success were instrumental in the creation of our exclusive Author Program. Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Yahoo Finance have all covered him.

Manhattan Book Group is suited for only serious authors who recognize that the cheapest and quickest publishing method is the incorrect one. Their services are of the greatest quality, and our pricing is commensurate with the value provided. They do not approach publication like a McDonald’s drive-thru. They are not concerned with producing as many book service products as possible. They prioritize providing quality over quantity. This means that all prospective clients and their manuscripts go through a rigorous screening procedure, and they must be selective, but the authors do not need to be represented by a literary agent to work with the company.


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