Review: Mileseey Rangefinder Binoculars

Review: Mileseey Rangefinder Binoculars

Have you ever had a pair of binoculars hanging around your neck and wished that you had more choices?

Many confuse the terms binoculars and rangefinders. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Binoculars let you look at things from afar. Rangefinders, on the other hand, measure the distance between you and your target. Many use rangefinders for hunting and archery.

Significant Flaws of Rangefinder Binoculars

A lot of rangefinder binoculars suffer from two issues such as poor quality and limited function. The Mileseey Rangefinder Binoculars appeared to step away from the crowd. You enjoy a 1900-yard laser rangefinder.

The 1900 yards will make it a better choice for firearm hunters since you don’t want to take shots past 50 yards on the bow—it’s not ethical. You risk injuring the animal and condemning them to a slow and painful death that can play out over a period of months. However, anything from yards to 10 to 1900 yards can be found.

Best Features of the Mileseey

Some of the features that you will love from this product include:

  • Superior optical control
  • Great technological features
  • The ergonomic single-hand control
  • Great support from the company

The rangefinder will give you instant readouts and a vibrant OLED screen. Looking at the display, it will tell you the distance in increments. You see them in the form of 0.1-yard increments up to 100 yards. Everything over 100 yards will tell the range without decimal points.

What Else Does It Include

Mileseey tools, in general, are considered excellent pieces of hardware. The Mileseey Incline-Decline technology compensates for effects with the rangefinding, such as the trajectory of the slope. Shooters and hunters see the compensated range required for the shot. You will see an accurate readout regardless of where you hide. The technology will give accurate readings from wherever you are even while lying on the ground.

The binoculars include extra-low dispersion glass. What does that mean? This refers to the optical properties and the composition of the glass that you use for the lens. This allows you to reduce the visual defect known as chromatic aberration. Especially in applications where you need accuracy and clarity, that feature will make a huge difference.

Engineered to Meet the Needs of Most Shooters

Even on some of the most rugged and unforgivable terrains, they designed the binoculars to handle the demands. To give an example, the rubber armoring conforms to the metal diecast. This ensures that your binoculars will last longer. As anyone knows who goes out into the woods, the wilderness can be hard on your gear. They made the exterior of the binoculars to fit the shape and texture of your hand.

While out in the wilderness, you never know if you would trip in a swamp area or if the rainfall would hit your gear. They made these binoculars waterproof, and they are fog proof as well

This means that they sealed the binoculars to prevent moisture from entering the chamber. Once moisture gets inside binoculars, it can fog them up and make them difficult or even impossible to use. Keep them in an airtight bag when possible to ensure that no water or moisture gets into the lens.


Mileseey tools like their binoculars don’t necessarily come at a cheap price. You can expect to pay around $310 for them. Serious hunters have taken to them because it doesn’t suffer the same issues as many of the other binoculars around.

Especially for someone who wants a dependent laser to find the range, this binocular will do the trick. You can learn the exact distance of your target. They do take some time to learn how to use, but they’re well worth it. Once the next hunting season comes up, you will be ready for the woods.

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