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Dacxi Coin is the native cryptocurrency of Dacxi. A global fintech company founded in 2017, Dacxi is taking big steps into the fast-growing world of tokenization. The company has spent the last few years pioneering the world’s first tokenized global crowdfunding system, known as the Dacxi Chain. Set to unleash crowdfunding’s potential and tipped to turn it into a $1trillion sector, the Dacxi Chain will be powered by Dacxi Coin. This means the coin’s future is looking bright. 

In this review, we’ll explore what that future holds – including the details of Dacxi Coin, the Dacxi Chain, the tokenization of crowdfunding, and Dacxi itself.

What is Dacxi Coin?

Dacxi Coins are Erc20 tokens pre-mined on the Ethereum network. Not to be confused with DAC Coin (which is completely unrelated), Dacxi Coins are securely stored in cold wallets on the Dacxi Exchange. They have been classified by independent legal experts as utility tokens, not a security. 10 billion Dacxi Coins have been issued, and there are no plans to issue any further coins.

Dacxi Coin’s value is directly connected to demand, which is driven by Dacxi’s rapid global expansion into various markets around the world. The coin will also power the Dacxi Chain – Dacxi’s world-first tokenized crowdfunding system (more on the Dacxi Chain soon).

What is Dacxi Coin’s use case?

Dacxi Coin’s primary use cases include:

  • Allowing for swift and reliable global investment transfers
  • Payment of fees on the Dacxi Chain blockchain 
  • Completing transactions within Dacxi’s global tokenized crowd-funding system.

The coin also has other roles to play in the wider Dacxi network, such as:

  • Staking blockchain writer nodes
  • Being used for transactions on the Dacxi exchange
  • Dacxi staff and customer incentives.

What is the Dacxi Chain?

In 2017, Dacxi’s Founder recognised the opportunity to use tokenization to revolutionise the crowdfunding system of today. Today’s system promised to connect entrepreneurs with badly needed funding, and investors with much longed-for investment opportunities. However, it has failed to do either at scale. Crowdfunding today has many fundamental flaws – including low deal volumes, limited crowd reach, a lack of buzz, no confidence in the deals available, and poor liquidity. 

Dacxi aims to solve these issues, with the Dacxi Chain. The Dacxi Chain uses tokenization to create digital versions of company shares, and allows these shares to be easily bought and sold globally. This means an investor in Brazil could be connected with a business opportunity in Dubai; an opportunity they would never have been able to make the most of in the past. 

This unique system will make funding easier to receive than ever before, and will help thousands of world-changing ideas come to fruition – which previously, would have been lost. As the cryptocurrency that powers the Dacxi Chain, Dacxi Coin has a starring role to play in this game-changing new system.

How to purchase Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Coin can be purchased on exchanges such as Coinsbit, Crex24, HitBTC, Bitforex, and the Dacxi exchange itself.

The Dacxi Exchange is the simplest way to buy Dacxi Coin. Designed for both experienced investors and crypto newcomers, its interface is very user-friendly and clear. The Dacxi Exchange is also very secure. Most assets on the exchange are protected by world-leading custody firm, BITGO. Two-factor authentication is also mandatory for every log-in, which further protects customers and their assets. 

On the Dacxi Exchange, Dacxi Coins can be bought as individual coins, or as part of Dacxi’s suite of Bundle products. These Bundles include some of the world’s top coins, and make it simple to start building a diverse portfolio of crypto in just a handful of simple steps.

What is the Dacxi Crypto Wealth platform?

Dacxi sees itself as more than an exchange, calling itself a Crypto Wealth Platform. Crypto Wealth, a new sector in crypto pioneered by Dacxi, sees crypto as an important way to build long-term wealth, as opposed to little more than a short-term gamble. 

The wider Dacxi ecosystem is dedicated to helping people become Crypto Wealth builders, and growing the crypto confidence of everyday people. The ecosystem includes Dacxi LEARN – the company’s own educational portal. Dacxi LEARN includes resources such as courses, reports, insights, and more, designed for both financial professionals and private investors.

Dacxi also features stellar customer service. There’s one-on-one support, fast message response times, and even live trouble-shooting sessions for customers. Dacxi sees its customers as a community, and has focused plenty of energy on building its own crypto community. The company hosts regular webinars, live events, and networking sessions for its customers. Senior female members of Dacxi’s team have also created ‘Women Who Crypto’. The initiative is dedicated to bringing more women into the world of crypto, with regular webinars and speakers sharing inspirational stories of their own crypto journeys.

How do you sign up for Dacxi?

Opening an account with Dacxi is a simple process, taking only a few minutes for most users. Dacxi is a regulated company, and verifies the identities of all its users (as part of KYC and AML law compliance). After this additional security measure and account verification, users will be ready to place their first order right away.

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