A Review of Current Streaming Media Blockchain and Token Sale

Current is an innovative cryptocurrency focused on the development of digital entertainment media. It proposes closer ties between the consumer and large companies such as Youtube or Soundcloud through a revolutionary platform designed by a team of experts.

Its ICO has received an incredible reception by the public. It is one of the most anticipated projects for this 2018. A living example that cryptocurrencies are changing our world.

Current expects to become a standard currency for users around the world and lead the market of ICO’s for this 2018, a market that is increasingly expanding.

How does Current work?

Current works through pre-sale tokens, its ICO, and the famous Blockchain technology.

These tokens will be used to interact with an innovative platform that, according to its website, aims to reward (through cryptocurrencies) both consumers and creators of content and their respective companies. That is to recognise them in some way for being part of a consumption cycle.

Simplifying, Current aims to reward users of entertainment media, such as YouTube or Soundcloud, with their tokens (CRNC). These coins can be redeemed through your platform by memberships in other media, Premium accounts or money. An example would be to exchange CRNC obtained by watching videos on YouTube for a Premium account on Spotify.

That will be possible thanks to the ICO of cryptocurrencies, which is very close to coming out, and its Current App, available on IOS and soon on Android, already committed to more than 200,000 users.

Besides, Current will also apply an algorithm based on the content we see, collecting data of our tastes and offering us better experience as consumers.

Current will also use its platform to combine all the features of Spotify and YouTube in a single entertainment medium. Undoubtedly, a characteristic that promises to promote the use of the token and Current among ordinary users of other similar entertainment media.

The ICO of Current

The ICO has planned a presale for February 15. That will be based on the public Ethereum network, and its investment will depend on the cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Bitcoin. Also, if you do not have cryptocurrencies, but you want to invest, you just have to download the Current App, and you will be receiving free CRNC and an exclusive wallet for the tokens.

The amount of tokens issued is one billion, 35% of them destined to the pre-sale of ICO, 35% to mining, and the other 30% to the team, partners and communities responsible for the growth of the platform and the token.

The investment

The Current team is made up of the most incredible experts in the world of technology. Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of his most well-known investors. That makes it a solid investment regarding equipment and associates.

Its platform represents an alternative to traditional entertainment media. Its system of rewarding consumers makes it interesting.

Its security in transactions is high thanks to the Blockchain technology, and its profitability can become high due to its correct approach and distribution of tokens, all this combined with the commitment of its users.

As a reference, Current deserves an 8/10 in ICO, platform and development.

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