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Revcarto Gets Hometown Assist From Philadelphia Flyers

When the pandemic began, many small businesses were negatively impacted. In efforts to keep these businesses afloat, the Philadelphia Flyers donated $500,000 in media assets through their Flyers Hometown Assist program. A total of 15 businesses were awarded during this campaign including one of Philly’s own marketing agencies, Revcarto.

Utilizing the huge opportunity before them, Revcarto was granted access to a hospitality suite at one of the Flyers games- and being die-hard Philly sports fans really paid off. In tandem with the support of the Philadelphia Flyers promoting their generous campaign on social media, and being highlighted as one of the winning businesses, Revcarto found themselves in a new era of success and with a monumental networking tool in their back pocket- one they are incredibly grateful for.

Chris Davis, Co-Founder of Revcarto, spoke to their enormous gratitude by stating “It means a lot to us because it’s just good to see small Philly businesses being recognized. We’ve been going nonstop for the past few years now and get overlooked pretty often. Just great to see Philly supporting Philly. We’re going to capitalize on this opportunity by using a lot of the content we got from the event as marketing collateral to help promote our business and even the Flyers organization as a whole. We can’t thank them enough for what an amazing opportunity this was”.

The Flyers continuously prove that they are not just a hockey team. They are here for the greater good and prosperity of their home. Thanks to them, several businesses like Revcarto are able to remain in operation and even reap new benefits that were not available before.

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