Revanced APK: Elevate Your YouTube Experience with Customization and Control

Revanced Apk:

This is the successor of the famous YouTube Vanced project. It gives a range of customization options that allow users to personalize the app to their liking. You can choose between a dark or light theme for the app. This can help reduce eye strain, especially when using the app at night. The revanced apk includes options to change the size and position of the video player. You can choose from different languages to use in the app. This allows you to use it in your preferred language.

What is the Revanced Apk?

There is an updated project of the much-loved YouTube video. Amoled dark mode saves your battery and helps protect your eyes with the best brightness. It supports MicroG for login .watch videos without ads and AMOLED themes tap to seek bar. It allows you to watch content without ads and hide pop-ups for YouTube Premium. You can change the layout of the app according to your preferences.

Features :

There are the following features of Revanced Apk.

Sponsor Block:

SponsorBlock is an open-source project that excludes sponsor content, outros, intros, and more.

Old layout:

If you don’t want to use a new layout in your YouTube, enable the old layout option.

Components of Shorts:

You hide shorts components like the shorts button, Remix, and subscription buttons.

Return Dislike:

RYD is an open-source project allowing users to view each video’s dislike count.


MicroG allows users to log in to their Google account to retrieve subscriptions.

No ads:

Ads are annoying. With ReVanced, you can remove ads from Home, Videos, and more.


So use the allowlist option to view channel ads and sponsors. You can undo it whenever you want.

Swipe Controls:

Adds a swipe gesture to the video player. With it, you can control brightness and volume.

Ad layout:

YouTube ReVanced permits you to customize your ads to suit your needs.


Even from the chat option, you can configure your video download settings.


Change your YouTube layout to your liking, even if you want the old classic layout.


Using the Miscellaneous patch setting, you can enable Auto HDR brightness and more.

Key Features:

You can download videos from vanced to your device for offline viewing

YouTube ReVanced blocks all in-app ads.

You can turn off video suggestions on the home screen.

Background playback.

You can use chnage gestures to control the brightness and volume of the video.

Tap for the search bar.

YouTube ReVanced offers a range of customization options,

This app allows videos to watch in PiP mode.

Amoled theme.

You can continue playing audio from a video even after closing the app.


Is it safe to download and use ReVanced APK?

Yes, this app is entirely safe to download and use.

How to download it?

We can download Revanced Apk from our website .


YouTube ReVanced APK has a bright future with all the opportunities it has for YouTube users. It allows you to watch videos with a custom playback speed. You can customize the app by enabling various features. It is one of the best and best alternatives to youtube vanced. It is such a helpful app. It includes accessibility features such as text, change, and color inversion. Making it easier for people with visual impairments to use.

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