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Revamping Field Service Management With Real-Time Data: 3 Ways

In field service, every minute counts. The emerging trend in field service management is using real-time data via any field service management app for decision-making. The sooner you resolve your customers’ requests, the sooner your field technicians can progress to the next issue. It’s the only way to keep work going forward and increase the revenue for the company. 

Furthermore, improving the efficiency of your field workers means increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Team leaders and employees need quick access to information from the on-field jobs. One of the proven ways to tackle all these issues is by accessing real-time data stored in field service management software

3 ways real-time data is improving service operations

Field service solutions have become more important for businesses as they have the capability to immediately assign technicians to install, repair or replace equipment. However, due to an overflow in service requests, companies had to look for better alternatives where their service quality remains the same and all customers are attended to. 

It is why real-time data has gained prominence. Field service businesses needed better technology like field service management software that gives them updates per minute and maintains the on-demand work pace. Making quick decisions based on the info at hand speeds up processes, saving the time of people on either end of the job. 

  • Scheduling, dispatching and routing

In field service businesses, no two days are the same. While one day may be full of numerous client visits, the other could be a quiet and inactive one. Similarly, road conditions keep changing by the hour and it becomes difficult for field service workers to predict road and traffic conditions when they take up client requests. Field service scheduling and dispatching timelines may become confusing due to the unstable state of affairs. 

With field service management software, real-time data concerning scheduling and dispatch deadlines and routes become clear. Dispatchers can view the location of requests and plan their days based on specific locations. In case of an emergency, companies can assign the task to the next technician who is available. With real-time data from the field, workers can adjust their timelines according to the customers’ preferences and optimize their schedules. 

  • Tracking productivity on the field

Field service-based businesses thrive on the quality of services they provide. The more profitable your field workers are, the more efficient and profitable your company will be. It’s imperative to track the performance of your workers at all times so that you have accurate data on project status and the success rate of your workers. 

Here’s how real-time data makes your field technicians more productive:

  • Quick access to information concerning each request, from customer history to product history. This saves time that may have gone into collecting data from the customer every time they place a request. 
  • Access to more tickets and job status while working on one job already, eliminating the need for the worker to go back to the office to ask for their next location visit. The backend teams can update information on the field service management app or update via phone calls.
  • Simplifying routes for your workers by monitoring conditions on the road minutes before they head out. With a concise travel route, your field technicians need not worry about wasting time or finding themselves in unfavorable travel routes. 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

Gone are the days of waiting for callbacks from the office mentioning that they have closed the complaints. With the field service management app, workers have all the data they need at a centralized location. They can make changes to job statuses from their end and not wait for the backend team to provide details. Eventually, customers feel more confident when field workers leave only after resolving the issue. 

The two-fold benefits of real-time data in customer satisfaction are that it:

  • Shortens the waiting time of field technicians who are ready to take on more work and of  customers in wait for companies to fix their issues.
  • Enables field workers to complete essential tasks without further ado. With productive employees, you are also increasing the number of happy customers with your services. 

Making a move in real-time on the field

There is so much power in having data in real time. The field service industry can make the lives of their employees, dispatchers, field workers and customers easier. Better decision-making and more time on hands is a win-win scenario for field service management companies of all sizes. 


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