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Retire With 1 Million: How To Plan Your Retirement By Investing Monthly

In the past couple year’s retirement age has only been rising because people are no longer able to get rid of their debt. the sum just continues to accumulate, ultimately bringing them to a situation where they simply cannot afford to retire. 

We were never taught in school or in college about how to save money, avoid falling into debt or how to spend wisely. This is one of the many reasons why today we bring you the easiest, most efficient way to retire ensuring you an easy and relaxing future.

There are a few main factors that come into account when looking into the ultimate retirement plan, age being the prime factor. The younger you are when you start, the more time you have to save up and accumulate the sum you are aiming for.

The second most important factor is your choice of investment. The world offers hundreds of different plans varying from more of a risky investment that brings higher returns all the way to one of the safest and lowest returns on your investment. The riskiest plan would obviously be over the capital market, this includes stocks, forex, cryptos, and so on. Over 5 trillion dollars is exchanged over the forex market alone, meaning there are infinite opportunities to make money. A safer option available would be pension plans, where your money is protected from market crashes, recessions and more. Leaving only the lowest return rate option left, which is a savings account at the bank. In Europe, people who have savings accounts are on a -0.5% interest rate, meaning they are in fact losing money with the banks than making. 

What if we could offer you the riskiest type of investment, meaning infinite opportunities to open profitable trades and generate high returns monthly but in the safest way and with strong security on your funds? 

One of the fears of investing in the capital markets is how quickly one can lose their money. The cause of this can be from natural human requirements such as sleeping, eating, or simply taking a break from the computer right when things go south. Where others can fall by simply being misinformed or perhaps being unfamiliar with the market. Regardless, you lost or can lose money. And no one wants that. 

Today Capital Way offers you an opportunity to be generating the same percentages as professional traders do over the capital markets, but with the safety that the banks and pension funds offer you.  

With only 4 main elements, Capital Way can help you reach your 1 million euros by the age of 65. Allow us to elaborate. 

1) Age 

The younger you begin investing, the easier your future becomes. With more time to save and less expenditure, getting your savings invested at a younger age saves you from any financial burden the future may bring. 

2) Annual return

Calculated by our experts, we have proven that with the next 3 elements taken into account, one can retire with 1 million euros if he manages to achieve only 10% ROI from his investment every year. (These calculations are including the compounding of profits)

3) Initial investment 

The first investment is the most crucial. The software needs a substantial amount in order to work and really generate some great profits. The more money you have in the account, the larger the trade orders are, the larger the profits can be. 

4) Increases throughout time

Keeping your account active and growing constantly is what will ultimately bring you to your 1 million. Although the software works on compounding and reinvests the newly generated profits every day, 1 million cannot be achieved overnight from €10,000. 

Here it is broken down for you. 

Depending on your age, you simply need to invest a certain amount every month. With the compounding of your profits every month and an average of 10% ROI annually, you should be able to reach 1 million euros by the time you are in your 60’s. See chart below.

20 €110
30 €291
40 €804
50 €2489

Capital Way’s software is a 100% automated machine that works over the financial markets, generating an average of 5.5% return on investment monthly since 2017, and an average of 7% p.m for the year of 2019. The software is programmed to detect all opportunities the market may offer, and act accordingly. Whether it be 4am or 7pm, the software will work on your behalf while you sit and enjoy your time with family and friends. 

Note: The value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest. We don’t offer personal financial advice so if you’re not sure about investing, seek independent advice.

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