Rethinking Indoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution

With the onset of the pandemic last year, most of the people, whether professionals or students, were forced to stay at home. Families disregarded travel plans and had limited mobility, except when performing essential tasks like going to the grocery or buying medicines, for fear of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

Now with practically every member of the family stuck at home, have you ever thought about the collective amount of carbon monoxide emissions every time a member of the family exhales? Considering we now spend 90 percent of our time at home, the CO2 emission levels will most certainly hit the roof.

Think about it. That is practically indoor air pollution already, and something must be done about it. Suddenly, this may well be another menace that may threaten the health and safety of the family. And most of the time, the effects of these indoor air pollutants may show up soon after a single exposure or repeated exposures.

Some of these pollutants may irritate or harm the eyes, nose, and throat, resulting in headaches, fatigue, or dizziness to some. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that sometimes, the treatment is to prevent the person from being exposed to the pollutant if it can be identified.

But how can an air pollutant be identified? Since it is quite tricky to identify each pollutant and the specific harm it can do to the body, and you must have some technical or scientific know how to identify each one. For some families, they just simply invest in air purifiers. The device may probably do the trick—probably. There are a lot of indoor air pollutants that air purifiers—or air sanitizers—cannot remove from the home to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ). They can reduce, yes, but not remove all air pollutants.

There are air purifiers that can combat certain air pollutants, so the trick is to learn how to identify the air pollutant then buy an appropriate air purifier.

How to do that? Invest in an air sensor first to help guide the family in identifying what is in the air in the home. It is like seeing what type of air you breathe, if there are pollutants that can threaten your family’s health and wellbeing.

If you have problems sleeping at night or allergens keep on bothering you, the air sensor helps families create that perfect breathing environment. Optimizing air quality helps avoid allergies, allows you to sleep better by knowing the right temperature, humidity and fresh air needed for that sound and healthful sleep, avoid pains and soreness, allows you to focus more to improve productivity for work-from-home professionals or students, and maintain safe and healthy air for a healthier household.

And you can have all the above by investing in an air quality sensor like uHoo.

air quality sensor

The uHoo indoor air quality monitor, sleek and design-pretty, can fit anywhere in the house so discreetly. Despite being largely unnoticeable, that is the time it works to the fullest in helping check the home air quality by telling you what is in the air and how you can make sure that the air is healthy.

Together with the world’s best uHoo Virus Index with the 1-10 scoring system, it aids family members in determining if there are dangerous air-borne viruses, even the deadly coronavirus, present in the home for them to take appropriate action for protection.

There is no excuse not knowing what kind of air you breathe inside the home. Once a virus affects a member, it will most likely affect other family members, too, more importantly if there are young ones in the house. Their immune system is still largely undeveloped and not yet strong enough to combat any air pollutants that can cause sickness and other health-related problems.

And having to bring a sick family member to the hospital also means added expenses and added anxiety and worries as well. Better to prevent that from happening by investing early in an air quality monitor.

Because having healthy air helps protect the whole family from any air pollutants and possibly dangerous viruses. Assuring air quality at home through the uHoo air quality sensor will be the most important investment any family can make.

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