Retail Innovation Expert Hemanth Kumar

In today’s ever-evolving retail landscape, leaders must have the skills to drive innovation and stay ahead of competition. To be successful in such an environment requires a combination of traits, such as vision, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Leaders must also be able to motivate their teams, develop and execute strategies, and quickly adapt to changing customer needs. The ability to think outside the box and embrace new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, will be essential in order to remain competitive and successful.

One such leader in the technical landscape is Hemanth Kumar, a Retail innovation specialist currently working for InfoVision as their Associate Vice President. Hemanth is a thorough professional, with outstanding excellence when it comes to maintaining relationships with clients. His eagerness to learn and adapt to new technological advancements has made him an incredibly valuable asset to any company that he is a part of. 

He is also very forward-thinking in his approach to breaking down any business problem and can articulate his views with immense clarity to all types of stakeholders and clients. His ability to plan upfront and mitigate risks when needed allows for substantial growth, not only for himself, but for the teams that he works with. He is a respected colleague and helpful to everyone around him, as he leads with intelligence and skill. 

Some of his most notable strengths as a leader are his interests in technology and his ability to correlate needs with technical feasibility, managing client expectations on projects, and communicating for impact. Hemanth is a thorough, consummate and a detail-oriented professional with excellent work-ethics and capabilities that are unparalleled in the industry.

Through his work at InfoVision, Hemanth has been involved with the following retail innovation processes:

  • Customer Experience
  • IOT
  • Loyalty, Ecommerce
  • Store Systems & Omnichannel
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain.

He continuously drives strategic product engineering initiatives in Retail, specifically focusing on Emerging technologies such as Computer Vision, AI/ML, Digital Twin, Blockchain, Augmented reality and IOT. He has also managed the delivery of a broad range of Digital products and services through the full engagement lifecycle and makes strategic decisions for product development and software engineering. He does all of this by maintaining sensitivity to the appropriate constraints and business needs. 

Hemanth actively spearheaded Multi Channel initiatives involving Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, which has helped with the development and growth of the corporations that he is employed with. He continuously provided technical and product leadership for multiple client engagements.

With his extensive background within this integral industry, Hemanth believes in progressing as a better leader year after year, with a steep learning curve and enabling his teams to achieve their aspirations. He expresses that innovation driven thought leadership in solving real world customer problems.

To learn more about Hemanth Kumar and the innovative work that he is doing with infoVision, visit his LinkedIn here. 

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