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Restaurant Tables – What You Should Know Before Purchasing

Getting into the restaurant business is extremely exciting, but can also feel a bit intimidating and overwhelming at times. With so many options available and so many decisions to make, it can sometimes feel like you don’t know where to turn.

One of the choices you’ll surely have to make is which restaurant tables your future guests will be enjoying their meals at.

Since this is one of the things they will certainly come into contact with, you’re going to have to make a wise choice.

If you’re going for a five-star customer experience, then you’re going to have to fulfill a few requirements: expeditious service, high-quality food, and a great atmosphere.

Now, to achieve a good atmosphere, you have to make sure that the interior in which your guests will be dining is appealing and has a certain appeal to it but also that the space is such that your guests feel comfortable enough to want to return again and again.

Most of the time, what determines the success of a restaurant is how it makes people feel, rather than how spectacular the food is.

So, when choosing your restaurant furniture make sure to keep in mind the following characteristics to ensure the ultimate customer experience.

The Style

Before you get into any decisions about the shape, materials, and other such aspects of restaurant tables, you have to determine what the overall aesthetic of your restaurant will be like. All of the furniture and decor that you’ll have visible to the guests should paint a picture of your vision.

While the tables have a very practical purpose in restaurants, it doesn’t stop there. Tables should also be part of the story that your restaurant is telling. Everything about them, all of their characteristics that we’ll go over contribute to the atmosphere.

Bigger, heavier tables give off a different vibe than thin, round tables do. Bear that in mind when making your choice.

The Materials

Now that you have your style thought out, you can move on to something a bit more concrete – materials.

When choosing the materials for your tables, you have to be mindful of a few things. First of all, restaurant tables should be practical, both for the customers, and the staff.

In terms of materials, you should look for something easy to preserve, that is durable, but still visually pleasing.

Wood is the most obvious choice since it mostly fulfills all of the requirements, plus it’s very versatile and offers loads of stylistic choices.

Glass is another one that many restaurant owners opt for, but bear in mind that glass is a sensitive material and much less durable than, say wood.

The Shape

This one is important for several reasons. The space that you’re furnishing is somewhat limiting in your choices of furniture. Smaller spaces are more so than bigger ones, but each space has its challenges.

You have to make sure that the tables aren’t suffocating the room and that movement is easy both for the waiters and the customers.

Smaller spaces respond better to square tables, which allow for four people to sit at one, while bigger spaces can tolerate rectangular tables as well.

Another great shape for both types of spaces is the round shape. They can accommodate both smaller and larger groups of people, and they also provide a different feel than the previous two shapes since they have no sharp edges.

This allows you to play with the style and the interior design through shapes which is a bonus!

The Comfort

Last but not least, the comfort of your customers should be a deciding factor in your choice of tables.

All of the previously mentioned characteristics won’t matter if your guests feel uncomfortable while sitting at their tables.

That’s why you have to pay close attention to how comfortable the tables are to sit at when purchasing them.

If you have to decide between comfort and style, always go for comfort. Luckily, you probably won’t have to make a drastic choice in that department since there is a variety of styles that can accommodate any requirements that you may have.

But, if there ever comes a time when such a choice has to be made, remember our advice.

What ties in to the topic of comfort and tables are certainly the chairs. This is an inseparable pairing, so we would advise you to make these choices simultaneously, if possible.

Always pay attention to the height of the tables and chairs, since that is the key to feeling comfortable while having your meal at a restaurant.

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