Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG is opening the first sustainable STO on the Swiss Blockchain Platform DAURA  

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REIT AG is advancing 7.99 MN CHF by submitting digital participation certificates

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG (REIT) is starting the first sustainable STO on the Swiss Blockchain Platform DAURA. Through digital participation certificates on the blockchain, REIT AG is upgrading 7.99 MN CHF via SWISSCOM backed DAURA platform.

The funds will be used for acquiring operational renewable assets and developing downstream energy supply business by Restart Energy One SA; leading integrated private energy supplier in Romania. Earlier this year, this company launched and listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange the first green bond. It also introduced a global expansion of the recently launched RED Platform; an innovative blockchain platform offering the first end-to-end tokenized carbon offset system and carbon marketplace for companies and individuals.

“Our purpose is to utilize innovative business models and technology to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs: saving money, freeing up capital, supporting local power producers earning and positioning the foundation for a sustainable future,” said Armand Domuta, Chairman of the Board of Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG. Armand proceed to say, “Experienced in the traditional energy supply business, they recognizes the future of energy production, consumption and businesses freedom to access and participate in a more sustainable energy ecosystem free by bureaucracy and outdated business prototypes. REIT AG also sum up the experience and thriving track record of our legacy, the energy supply enterprise and the valiant approach of the energy sector via technology using our RED Platform.”

To partake in the approaching STO, investors must demonstrate that they have offset their CO2 emissions and also reached net-zero. This can be done by creating an account on the RED Platform, estimating the CO2 emissions via the special tools and equalizing them by validating their sustainable actions similar to the making or depletion of green energy.

In conjunction with the global energy demand projected to double by 2030 alongside the rapid increase resource consumption, nations globally, are funneling new reforms by deregulation, opening utilities to more inventive and bold solutions, to make a better world.

Restart Energy has approximately 50,000 customers with 28 million euros estimated revenue for 2021. It also projected pipeline of 550 mw of renewable energy developments. 

About Restart Energy Innovative Technologies

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT AG) is a Swiss-based holding company which researches, funds, and creates innovative energy-tech ventures. This company is intending to build and maintain an Ecosystem of innovation in Sustainability. REIT AG also integrates traditional revenue-generating assets in both Renewables (Upstream) and Energy Supply (Downstream) value lines as well as groundbreaking and scalable ventures with products and services that are market-ready in the fields of Renewable Energy and Sustainability, Climate Change Technology, Carbon Offset.

About Restart Energy

Established in 2015 in Timisoara, Restart Energy is an independent natural gas and electricity supplier for homes and companies. Restart Energy has over 50,000 household customers with 5,000 corporate customers. Restart Energy is in the Serbian and Romanian markets. Starting with 2021, this firm intends to develop in several European markets, including Spain and Germany.

About RED

The RED platform is the leading tokenized carbon offset ecosystem that allows individuals, corporations and other organizations to analyze their carbon footprint and acquire tokenized carbon credits for their environmental measures endorsed as non-fungible or NFT chips on the blockchain. Under the Restart Energy brand. RED is centered on a state-of-the-art blockchain technology referred to as Zalmoxis. Its technology is an improved version of Ethereum which runs on PoA and PoS and solves the scalability issue. Zalmoxis likewise retains all the advantages of Ethereum, plus the transfer of chips dispensed on RED for the main Ethereum network. RED energy consumption is about 1.000 times lower, its gas taxes are close to zero, emissions are zero and speeds up to 100 higher sustainability on the blockchain.

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