Resource Management Software Review: Features, Pricing & Usability

Resource Management Software Review: Features, Pricing & Usability

As a project manager, responsible for coordinating various segments of my construction project, I am always on the lookout for software solutions to increase the efficiency of our procedures. I recently got the opportunity to use eResource Scheduler, a resource management software that claimed to make my job easier. In this review section, I would like to share my thoughts and experiences with this software, focusing on its functionality, price, and usability.

Can we start with the features?


My Score: 4/5

I must say that the features are fantastic!!! Here are my initial day experiences. When I first started using it, I was astounded by the vast diversity of possibilities it provided for successfully managing resources.

eResource Scheduler is very good at allocating resources. It allows you to precisely deploy resources while considering the unique and specific project requirements, skill sets, and availability. The drag-and-drop technology simplifies the allocation procedure. It also makes it simple to assign assignments and ensure a balanced workload.

The software’s customizable dashboards provide easy work tracking, resource utilization , project status, and other critical indicators. This tool can help managers stay informed and make sound decisions.

Tracking resource performance and project progress is also very simple with eResource Scheduler. This resource management software provides real-time updates. It allows you to make simple changes as needed. It also offers you better transparency required to keep project budgets and timelines on track.

The tool’s simple interface with well-known project management applications is an added advantage. Its compatibility ensures a smooth transition from current systems and encourages collaboration.

Another interesting aspect is the ability to request specific resources tailored to my project’s specifications from other teams. It has significantly enhanced the quality of my project completion by leveraging the expertise of individuals with diverse and proven knowledge.

As a manager, you can use the software’s broad reporting and analytics tools to analyze patterns in resource utilization and make informed decisions. Customizable reports make it simple to share information with stakeholders and other members of your company.


My Score: 5/5

Although eResource Scheduler has many capabilities, each HR manager must consider the cost structure. Indeed, that posed a significant worry for me. However, eResource Scheduler has numerous pricing levels and plans to match organisation’s budgets of all sizes. Also, the cost can offer you more benefits, so I’m not concerned about it.

Usually, the cost of this type of software is determined by the number of resources and the level of functionality required. The reasonable price with maximum capability made me love this software more. I can say that this is one of the best resource management software for startups, small enterprises, and big organizations. The initial expense, however, may be outweighed by the return on investment, resource optimization, and productivity gains.


My Score: 4.5/5

If easy-to-use software is your choice, eResource Scheduler shines in this category. I will share some specific areas here.

  • Intuitive User Interface: The interface is simple and easy to use. Even people with limited technological knowledge will find the software simple to use. The drag-and-drop tool makes resource allocation easier.
  • Training and Support: The eResource Scheduler team offers extensive training and first-rate customer service. They provide webinars and a friendly support team to answer any inquiries or resolve any issues. This assistance is critical, particularly during the early installation period.

If you need some changes in the training session, you can request them to match the company’s specific needs. They happily do that. Configuring eResource Scheduler to match your existing operations is also simple.

The software alerts us with its email notification capabilities for every change and update, which is a noteworthy advantage.This solution enables us, as project managers, to stay up to date and make speedy resource changes when necessary. eResource Scheduler’s sole limitation is that, like any reliable one, it has a little learning curve. But you can easily overcome this obstacle with the best training resources at hand.

Is eRS the Right Choice?

Yes, I can say that eResource Scheduler is the best resource management software in the market. The top-notch features, exceptional usability, and priceless assistance by their team members make them really exceptional. As a project manager tasked with overseeing individuals with diverse responsibilities, ranging from initial construction design to the final project handover, I’ve witnessed how its reporting tools boost efficiency, streamline resource allocation, and provide valuable data.

eResource Scheduler with the incorporated resource management toolkit helped me make data-driven decisions and optimize resource allocation. If you need a well-built resource scheduling software within your budget, eResource Scheduler is absolutely worth considering. As a person with more responsibility in my company’s growth, it has increased the effectiveness of my work, and I believe it can do the same for your business!!

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