Residential Energy Storage Solution, a Right Option for Your Home

Residential Energy Storage

The energy storage solution has aroused much concern among people, which consists of batteries and inverters in most cases. It is instrumental in scenarios where people are plagued with frequent disruptions in the power grid. With an energy storage solution, this situation can be mitigated. Switching the solar inverter when the area’s power goes off will instantly restore electricity. This is a valuable option for households, so a residential energy storage system is highly recommended.

The Current Need for the Residential Energy Storage Solution

Meanwhile, a residential energy storage solution is a necessity. The IEA has recently reported that due to recent events worldwide, there is a global energy crisis that we currently face. This crisis leads to surging electricity prices, problems like fuel shortages, and more. Worse still, reports now show that the average individual may be unable to keep their families warm throughout the winter. This is also driven by regular power outages, as energy plants have difficulty keeping up when they cannot obtain the materials required to produce electricity. As this problem continues, many people turn to a residential energy storage solution, which stores power that can be used in energy shortages and power cuts.

The Residential Energy Storage Solution from SAJ

SAJ has always paid close attention to the current energy trend and offered a range of ideal solutions for people who need to implement a smart energy storage system. Our systems, including the SAJ inverter and battery, are durable and deliver exceptional performance for residential users. So let’s look at some of our most popular energy storage solutions.


The H2&B2, consisting of an H2 hybrid solar inverter and B2 battery, is a residential energy storage solution. H2 hybrid solar inverter can cater to people’s demands, with power output ranging from 3-10kW. It ensures a safer operation with an enhanced safety setting of AFCI, which can detect the signal and cut off the power to prevent fire. What’s more, the design of the hybrid solar inverter is user-oriented, which can be embodied in 3 different smart modes and 24H load monitoring & zero export solutions for smart energy management. The B2 battery features a wall-mountable structure and stackable design, meaning it takes up less space. This is an ideal solution for every household as it is equipped with up to 5 modules, which can be flexibly matched to different users’ demands.



The AS1&B1, with AS1 retrofit energy storage system and B1 lithium battery involved, is another great choice for a residential energy storage solution. AS1 AC Retrofit Storage System aims to adapt an existing on-grid solar system to an energy storage one, making it compatible with any on-grid inverter on the market with enormous flexibility. The AS1 retrofit energy storage system is equipped with a 5.0kWh battery with a 3kW AC coupling inverter, and it works with the B1 battery to enlarge the whole system’s capacity up to 20.0kWh. The most significant advantage of this residential energy storage solution is that it helps users adapt their on-grid systems flexibly without changing the whole system. There are different settings available that also allow the system to adapt to residential energy requirements.


SAJ Offers Reliable Residential Energy Storage Solutions

SAJ’s residential energy storage systems, no matter the SAJ solar inverter or SAJ battery, provide superior performance and reliability that keep households powered up. In addition to providing a wide range of energy storage solutions, SAJ is experienced in helping customers with system design and can offer appropriate warranties to reassure clients. As they have been providing high-performance energy solutions to customers for an extended period, they are your reliable energy storage partner. Contact them for more details.

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