RENTYTHING – The World 1st P2P Online Renting Platform Powered By Blockchain, Offers Its Pre-ICO February 28, 2018

Rentything has set up its ICO with the target of turning the company into the world’s first decentralised P2P renting platform that provides the best P2P online rental services in the world, while simultaneously driving global environmental conservation. It is delighted to announce it will begin its RentyCoin (RTC) pre-ICO crowdsale campaign on February 28, 2018. This will be followed by its ICO on April 25, 2018. RentyCoin’s generous crowdfunding initiatives can be found at:

RentyCoin’s online renting platform is making a difference to consumers. It is exciting, as unlike other lending marketplaces, the commission fee is just 1% of the rental charge. The platform was the brain child of a team of pioneers and entrepreneurs with a global vision to build on the company’s existing online rental platform which was established in 2012. They were given the chance to study substantial P2P online rental business data from previous company projects. They learned that firstly, it is a huge market opportunity, and secondly, it helps to improve environmental conservation. Based on their huge interest in this industry, they decided to start a business with the goal of providing the best global P2P online rental service. The team believe that in order to achieve this, the platform must be built on blockchain technology. They hold a wealth of experience in blockchain, start ups, financial IT, IT infrastructure, and other relevant fields, enabling them to create a pathway to success. They saw the limitless potential of offering a platform which could offer online-enabled rental transactions between individuals, and the win-win situation for both the renter and owner: it saves the renter a fortune as they do not need to buy something they may only use once, and gives the owner a new form of income. Press here for the minute long YouTube video.

Bringing About Radical Change

Rentything’s goal is to bring about a radical change in the global lending things market. The company is striving to raise environmental concerns which will lead to changes in user behaviour. This includes limiting waste, upcycling, and collaborative consumption. Rentything promotes positive changes in consumption behaviour that replaces ownership with on-demand services. Rentything is also set to benefit users by using the power of blockchain to eliminate financial middlemen and the associated fees. They do not need to worry about cross-boarder transactions either, as they pay both the deposit and rental charge using RentyCoin (RTC), a currency based on EIP-20. They also enjoy low transaction costs, transparency, and protection of their financial data. The Rentything ecosystem comprises the RentyCoin (RTC), and the RentyCoin Wallet. The RentyCoin Wallet can be regarded as a one of a kind solution for cost-efficient and convenient payments for renting things online.

RentyCoin’s blockchain technology overcomes various problems that the industry has faced with regards to cost and trust issues. It empowers users with a trustable and transparent platform and allows consumers to execute smart contracts which are fast, cost-efficient and safe. In addition to this, users’ performance and their transaction history is available for everyone to see. Rentycoin encourages collaborative consumption, and there are few limits when it comes to what can be rented. “Rentything: the Airbnb for Everything” are the company’s watch words – so the sky is the limit, and RentyCoin is surely heading for success.

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