ECommerce’s No Fee NYC Apartments Will Save You $3,000 Or More

Rent NYC Apartments

Looking to make a move in NYC? You will likely be asked for a broker fee of 1-2 months rent, which can cost you $3,000 or a whole lot more. is on a mission to change that, with over 1,000 no fee apartments you can rent directly from building owners.

Find a no fee apartment on

Go to and you’ll see a map of all the no fee apartments available in NYC.  You can add filters like price, bedrooms, and any must have features like a dishwasher or elevator.’s magic is connecting you directly with the property manager or landlord, so you don’t have to rely on a  broker.  Each listing has a Book a Tour button to setup an appointment and ask questions, which connects you directly with the building owner.  Some buildings only schedule tours by email, in that case RENT BETTA will draft the message for you.  Just copy and paste.

After you check out a few places and find the perfect *no fee* apartment, click Apply Now to start an application.  RENT BETTA’s Closing Tips walk you through the process.  Most landlords in NYC require an income 40x rent and a credit score 700+, so if you don’t make that cut, you’ll typically need a guarantor with an income of 80x rent to be accepted.’s mobile site with over 1,000 no fee apartment.

Why finding an apartment is currently expensive and hard 

A lot of renters are surprised by how time consuming and expensive it is to find an apartment in NYC.  This isn’t an accident, and the two problems are actually connected.  It’s because of brokers.

Craigslist and Streeteasy are the incumbent ways of finding an apartment.  The problem is, brokers flood those sites with fake listings–pictures of apartments that aren’t on the market, never existed, or are too good to be true, and many deceptively advertised as “no fee.”  

Those fake listings are brokers trying to generate leads–your name and email–by posting something that doesn’t really exist.  Reach out to them and you’ll often hear back “that apartment just rented…but let me show you these other places.”  These are the listings the broker is actually trying to rent, and they aren’t nearly as good as what you saw online.  This is the bait-and-switch that makes renting an apartment in NYC so time consuming and frustrating.

There’s no bait-and-switch, and no fake listings on They do this by cutting out the brokers, and hence all the fake listings brokers spam sites with.  This saves you a lot of time in your search, and of course, a broker fee.

Even if a broker tells you an apartment is “no fee”, they may still be getting one from you.  When the rental market slows down, landlords typically offer concessions like one month of free rent.  If you see a “no fee” apartment with a broker, they might be taking that free month of rent from the building owner as their fee, and never mention this to you.

If you find the same apartment on, you won’t lose out on any free rent offered.  Their listings are all truly no fee, and any deals offered by management are yours to keep.  It’s the best way to find an apartment if you don’t want to pay a fee.

NYC is a great place to live, and with, it’s now an easier place to rent in, too.  See top daily deals of available no fee apartments by following BETTA), RENT BETTA), and the Facebook housing group “No Fee NYC Apartments”.

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